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Civil Rights Movement Scrapbook

No description

Kaycee Boulet

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement Scrapbook

Civil Rights Movement
Constitutional amendment that forbids any state from depriving citizens of their rights and privileges and defines citizenship.
14th Amendment passed
It required the state to provide equal protection, under the law, to all people.
Made slaves legal citizens.
Also gave freed slaves more rights.
Little Rock Central High School Desegregated
Nine African American students who were enrolled in a high school in Arkansas. Took 1000 paratroops to escort them safely and in peace.
Led to the public awareness of the problem of segregation. Eventually sparked change in the school systems.
Montgomery bus boycott
381 day bus boycott ignited by the arrest of Rosa Parks, organized by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Showed that non-violent protest could be effective.
Letter from Birmingham Jail
A letter Dr.King wrote in response to people that didn't agree with his views on segregation and equality.
King used love to overthrow the violence of white hatred. Proved that non-violent protest is effective.
Emmett Till
14 year old Emmett supposedly flirted with a white cashier in a store. Four days later he was tortured and murdered by two white men.
Till's murder galvanized the civil rights movement. By the 1960z the teens that were his age during his murder understood and could relate with them being near the same age as him, which sparked their passion even more.
March on Washington
More than 200,000 people gathered before the Lincoln Memorial to hear speeches and protest racial injustice.
It created momentum in the Civil Rights movement. There was a list of there demands, which were read at this protest.
Bombing of Birmingham Church
Greensboro Sit-ins
On the 15th of September a bomb went off killing four young girls; Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley.

It showed a view of the world, it opened America's eyes to the ugly truth. Ultimately led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
February 1st, 1960 four African American Students from A&T college went to get some lunch at an all-white restaurant called Woolworth's. They were denied service and asked to leave. But these young men had done some research and found that it wasn't against any laws for them to sit-in.
These boys went back to campus as heroes. Ezell Blair Jnr, David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil sparked these sit-ins. Many students followed their example.
24th Amendment passed
Poll tax had been outlawed by this Amendment.
Increased Black voter registration. Many candidates began to turn away from white-supremacy views to attract their votes.
King's Assassination
He was shot and killed by James Earl Ray, at a sanitation workers' strike in Memphis.
His death resulted in Riots, within 125 cities.
Later proven that he was murdered due to racism.
Nothing has changed.
Mike Brown
60 years ago men and women of all races were fighting for their civil rights, fighting for justice, fighting for peace. Today, men and women are doing the same thing... except our civil rights are equal, on paper. Today, African American men and women are being oppressed by the single people who are supposed to stop the oppressors. My opinion is that our government and police-force remains corrupt, and held in with white-supremacy mindsets.
60 years ago men and women rallied and made changes without violence, today violence seems to be the first thing we turn to. Currently Ferguson, Missouri is engulfed in pain and sadness, but also flames of anger produced by the murder of Mike Brown. Protesters are using violence to make change, which isn't the answer.
Darren Wilson, 28, white male shot a killed Mike Brown. Mike Brown made no contact with the officer and carried no weapons, but was shot at and killed. Darren Wilson was not charged with anything.
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