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Location by Caitlin Jones-Bennett

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Location by Caitlin Jones-Bennett

Location factors influencing the location of businesses. the following factors can influence the location of businesses:
*nearness to markets for selling products and services
*proximity to good infrastructure such as roads and railways to enable customers to come in, and/or allow easy transport of products out
*costs of land, premises, etc. on which to build shops and/or factories
*car parking facilities for workers and/or customers
*nearness to raw materials
*availability of labour Sensible places *nearness to markets - where many customers live and/or go shopping
*away from the competition - in a part of town where there are few pet shops, but where there will still be demand
*reasonable costs - in a part of town where costs of land, premises and taxes are not too high.
*near to good infrastructure - main road and rail links nearby will help customers and suppliers to get there.
*car parking - nearby car parking would also be helpful Unwise Places *remote areas - pet owners are unlikely to travel far for a small shop
*very near competition - in a road with five similar shops.
*a very expensive part of town - where cpsts are likely to be higher than profits
*far from good infrastructure - if access is difficult, customers are unlikely to come in large numbers. Also, if suppliers find access difficult, their prices will become higher Infrastructure Infrastructure is the system of structures and facilities which make business activity easier. Examples include: roads; railways; air travel facilities, e.g. airports; schools and colleges for training future staff; and hospitals. Roads and other travel facilities are important because:
*they allow products and materials into the business effectively
*they allow products out of the business easily
*they provide easy access for customers
*they make it easier for branches and other businesses in different parts of the country or world to have meetings Real Life Locations if you compared The Gyle to Princes Street in Edinburgh then they both have good infrastructure. The Gyle has better parking because Princes Street is really hard to find parking facilities because of how busy it is and because they hardly have any. Both will have great profits as The Gyle is just off the M8 and Princes Street has buses and cars going right through it. The Gyle Princes Street
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