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Jacques Lecoq

No description

Olivia Hartley

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Jacques Lecoq

Came to theatre through sports, particularly gymnastics.

As a physiotherapist after World War II, helped a paralyzed man learn to walk again

Students include Geoffrey Rush, Julie Taymor and Gates McFadden.
Improvisation, from experiences and observations

Movement technique

Five key masks:
the Neutral Mask
the Red Nose

"Via negativa" teaching strategy
Waking up in a neutral mask
stripping away your own characteristics

Le Clown mask initial exercise
bursting on stage expecting applause but realizing indifference

"20 Movements" exercise
about discovering truth, responding to the audience as much as the technical movements
“The clown has great importance as part of the search for what is laughable and ridiculous in man. We should put the emphasis on the rediscovery of our own individual clown, the one that has grown-up within us and which society does not allow us to express.”
― Jacques Lecoq
Biographical Information
Born in Paris on December 15, 1921.

Began his theatre training in France at a theater that was part of the resistance movement against Germany during WWI

Influenced by Claude Martin, Jean Daste and Jacques Copeau

Founded his own school in Paris in 1956; also taught in Britain, Australia and the United States

Died January 19, 1999
The Life
Of Lecoq
Olivia Hartley
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