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Transcript of FAMILY DAY

Veronica lives far away from her family, she is planning visit them with her husband and their children.
they will be taking food because her children and husband could be hungry, and the aircraft could not serve food.

She will bring a book to read, she really would like to read.

Children also will bring a pair of video games for family fun
They will be having fun one funnier than the other

When Veronica and her family will be at her grandmother house, she will hug and kiss their grandparents.

Gives them beautiful gifts
one of them is bigger than the rest

That gift is to the grandmother who is older than Grandfather

Is there when neighbors come to invite them for a walk, as there is a largest country village fair

Perhaps they will also go for a walk with neighbors and friends in the neighborhood

They will see many beautiful flowers and trees, because the neighborhood is very nice, as is part of a country full of nature.

Veronica will also be with her children on the beach enjoying the delicious food served there, they will be able to eat everything they find

Then they will go to lunch at a beautiful restaurant will be waiting to grandparents to eat as family

when the family is complete, veronica wants to order the more expensive plate.
while the grandparents ask the cheapest food
At the end the family will go home to rest and hopping tomorrow will be better than today

The children will be on the beach which is bigger than they imagined enjoying the beautiful day

Jessica Marcela Bustos Guzman
ID: 214322
Sandra Carolina Blanco Linares
ID: 238956
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