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King Khufu

King Khufu's accomplishments, contributions and my opinion about him

Steve NTran

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of King Khufu

King Khufu Ruler of the Fourth Dynasty By, Stevenson Tran Accomplishments One accomplishment King Khufu did was built the largest pyramid in Egypt the Great Pyramid of Giza, Which is now one of the worlds seven world wonders. A second accomplishment that King Khufu did was that he kept the dynasty going after he died by giving the throne to his eldest son Djedefre. King Khufu was born on 2609 B.C. His reign began on 2589 B.C. and ended on 2566 B.C. A third accomplishment King Khufu did was that he continued his father's expansion policies by expanding Egyptian borders to the north-east. Impact of king Khufu- The impact King Khufu had on Egypt was that when he made the Pyramid of Giza/Egypt because when he made it other civilizations thought of Egyptian society as an highly sophisticated and technological beyond there time and his pyramid reigns on as being the biggest pyramid in Egypt and as one of the world's seven wonders, that made modern architects have ideas of more sophisticated and bigger buildings. Also another impact was that while he was constructing the pyramid it unified the people because while they were constructing people had time to get closer. Region where King Khufu ruled- Pictures of King Khufu and his items- My Opinion of King Khufu- I think King Khufu was a great and smart pharaoh because he made a change to the world's architectural design because gave us the idea of making bigger buildings. Another opinion I have is that Khufu was also a bad father. I think this because it was said that he hurt his daughter anytime when he had a shortage of money. King Khufu's ivory statue Khufu's ring Khufu's funeral boat Khufu to Djedefre
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