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Constructive Forces Of Mountain Formation

No description

Maggie Jones

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Constructive Forces Of Mountain Formation

Constructive Forces Of Mountain Formation
Are some of the strongest earthquakes recorded found along the coast of countries?
Yes, most earthquakes are found near volcanoes, or along the coast of countries. Earthquakes are generally found in China, Chile, Japan, and Asia. Where there are volcanoes there will be earthquakes.
If Mountains affect the weather now, what effect will they have on weather in 10 years?
In 10 years mountains will have changes on Earth because of global warming. Global warming is changes in temperature, rising sea levels, and melting icebergs. These are the effects of weather on mountains in 10 years.
Destructive Forces Of Earthquake Formation
The constructive formation of mountains are caused by plate collision. Another way mountains are formed is by movement of the Earth’s crust. Volcanic activity, faulting, folding, igneous intrusion, and metamorphism are all causes of the movement of the Earth’s crust. One effect of constructive mountain formation is that mountains help prevent tornadoes. Because of the height of mountains they help stop high winds. They act like a shield and block the high winds from touching the ground. Another effect of mountain formation is tourists attraction. It allows people to hike and climb mountains. These are some of the causes and effects of the constructive formation of mountains.
Pictures of Mountains
The destructive formation of Earthquakes are caused by sudden movement of rock along a fault zone beneath the surface, and huge waves form along the coast after the sudden movements. Earthquakes cause significant damage to homes, cities, and of course have a huge human impact. A fault zone is an area of land where a fracture in the rock causes displacement as a result of Earth movement. The effects of destructive Earthquake formation are landslides, floods, and human impacts such as destruction of property. These are some of the causes and effects of the destructive formation of earthquakes.
Earthquakes And Mountains
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