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The Great Gatsby Social Network

No description

Patrick Hayford

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Social Network

The protagonist of the story, the mysterious and secretive life of Mr. Gatsby is the main plot of the novel

In love with Daisy Buchanan (Affair)
Best-friend of Nick Carraway
Idolizes Dan Cody
Business partners with Meyer Wolfsheim
"Friends" with Tom Buchanan
Friends with Jordan Baker
Klipspringer and Owl Eyes use his house for parties(No major impact)
Murdered by George Wilson
Jay Gatsby
The narrator of the novel, Nick's love for money brings him to Long Island, where he meets Gatsby

Best-friends with Jay Gatsby
Daisy Buchanan's cousin
Dates Jordan Baker
Friends with Tom Buchanan
Encounters "Owl Eyes"
Mistaken by Meyer Wolfsheim as a business partner (Single encounter)
Nick Carraway
The Great Gatsby Social Network
Patrick Hayford
A competitive golfer as well as Daisy Buchanan's best-friend, Jordan cheated to win her first golf tournament and is a perfect example of a 1920's "Flapper"

Dates Nick Carraway
Best-friend of Daisy
Friends with Tom Buchanan
Jordan Baker
The lady who fell in love with Gatsby before WW1, Daisy's love for money creates drama throughout the whole novel

Married to Tom Buchanan
Has affair with Jay Gatsby
Best-friends with Jordan Baker
Cousins with Nick Carraway
Daisy Buchanan
The very wealthy husband of Daisy, Tom's racism and sexism along with his bully-like attitude leads to lies, affairs, and conflict

Married to Daisy Buchanan
Friends with Nick Carraway
Friends with Jordan Baker
"Friends" with Jay Gatsby
Has affair with Myrtle Wilson
Business partners with George Wilson (Try's to sell him a car)
Tom Buchanan
The wife of George Wilson, Myrtles affair with Tom leads to disastrous consequences

Married to George Wilson
Has affair with Tom Buchanan
Killed by Daisy (Manslaughter)
Myrtle Wilson
The owner of a run-down auto shop in the Valley of Ashes, George is seen as a "lifeless and cruel man" who can't believe that his wife cheated on him

Married to Myrtle Wilson
Business partners with Tom Buchanan
Murders Jay Gatsby (Commits suicide shortly after)
George Wilson
An eccentric and bespectacled drunk that Nick meets at the first party at Gatsby's house

Goes to Jay Gatsby's parties
Nick Carraway encounters him
Owl Eyes
A freeloader who seems to live at Gatsby's mansion, Klipspringer disappears after Gatsby dies

Attends Gatsby's parties, seems to use Gatsby's money to his advantage
Encounters Nick Carraway
Gatsby's idol, Mr. Cody is the reason why Gatsby became wealthy, as Gatsby inherited his money after his death

Father-like figure to Gatsby
Nick makes references to him in the story, although only Gatsby has physically met him
Dan Cody
The man who made Gatsby extremely wealthy, Mr. Wolfsheim mistakes Nick for a business partner during there first encounter. He is based off of real life Arnold Rothstein, who fixed the 1919 World Series.

Business partner/friend of Gatsby
Mistakes Nick for a business partner
Meyer Wolfsheim
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