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Manasa Gopakumar

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Totalitarianism

TOTALITARIANISM Dictator Despot Tyrant Abusing of power to oppress AUTHORITARIANISM TOTALITARIANISM Autocratic Oligarchy Absolutism
(Monarchy) NAZI GERMANY ADOLF HITLER • Austrian Born

• World War I

• German workers party

• Beer Hall Putsch

• Mein Kampf

• Appointed Chancellor in 1933 • Fall of the Wiemar Republic

• Rise of unemployment

• Increasing Military

• Superior Aryan race

• “Hard-work, sacrifice, service to the State” Third Reich Rise of a Totalitarian State... The Symbol for a Movement •Where Hitler got the idea
•Meaning behind the flag
•How it helped the NAZI party • Hitler Elected
• 2nd of August 1934 • Racism

• Appeasement by Great Britain and France

• The start of the war

• How Germany fell Nazi Germany and WWII Government controls education

- Pre-school to university

- Learn virtues of Communist Party

- Professors, students must glorify the state
- Or face imprisonment
- Taught to trust educators and authorities over parents

- Every morning students said:
“Thank Comrade Stalin for this happy life” Education Indoctrination - Used for propaganda glorifies:
- Soviet State

- Stalin and his programs

- Communist newspaper Pravada- Purpose of art is to show positive examples initiative and heroic labor. Soviet Propaganda - 1937-1938

- Used to eliminate any threat to his power.

- Political Rivals
- Old Bolsheviks etc.
- Stood trial, executed or sent to labor camps

- Stalin gains total control of govt. and communist party

- 8-13 million people died Great Purge Totalitarian State

- A government that takes total centralized control over public and private life.

- Uses several tactics

Police Terror
Education Indoctrination
Religion Indoctrination

- Women gain rights Totalitarianism Stalin's Economic Aims
- Command economy

- To make up the 50-year gap in 10 years

- Industrialization

- Modernisation of agricultural sector

Five year plan

- 250% increase in total industrial output
- 350% increase in heavy industries
- Collectivisation Centrally planned economy **Goal is to replace religion with communism**

- Many churches, synagogues destroyed

- Religious leaders killed or sent to labor camps

- League of Militant Godless
- spread propaganda attacking religion
- Funded by govt.
- Russian Orthodox Church main target

- Many secretly cling to religious beliefs Religious Indoctrination - Stalin’s govt. controls all media:

- All must be approved by govt.

- NO Individual creativity Soviet Censorship Police used to keep people in line
- Not to protect
- Use force to stop protests, riots

Monitor phone lines, mail, use informants/spies
- Families/friends tell on each other

Police arrest and execute millions of traitors Police State - Son of a Georgian cobbler Josef Vissarionovich

- He studied in a church school in Gori, but was expelled for Marxist activity

- Continued writing Marxist essays in a Georgian newspaper

- Defender of Lenin and the Marxist exiles- published the socialist paper  Iskra

- In Georgia he led many Marxist revolutionary movements and joined the Bolsheviks

- Part of the Central Committee and was in charge of the revolutionary newspaper Pravda.

- "Stalin“-"Man of Steel" in Russian. ABOUT STALIN -1924 Lenin dies
-Competition begins for successor

- Two Successors
1. Joseph Stalin
- Politically savvy
2. Leon Trotsky
- Lenin’s right hand man

- Trotsky forced into exile and is later assassinated by KGB(main security agency for the USSR) After Lenin Fascist belief system Radical Islamic beliefs + Islamofascism Origin and Use of 'Islamofascism' Islamism & Fascism Taliban Al Qaeda Hamas Hezbollah Relevance in International Relations Thank you! Manasa Gopakumar Tess Jacobsen Anushree Shetty Shreya Jakhmola State authority over individuals Creates Terror National Interest over Individual Interest Propaganda One Official Ideology Technological Advancements control over citizens not an ideology, but a method Low Charisma Ends of Power - Public Charismatic Leader One Official Ideology Legitimate Rule Authoritarianism Totalitarianism Leader as an individual Leader as a function, not an individual No Official Ideology No Legitimacy Ends of power - private Religion Arts Education Economy Public Life Secret Police Constant Surveillance Censorship No Liberty Loyalty to the state To unite people for the common ideology
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