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UVa box

UVa's cloud based storage solution

Christoph Reinicke

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of UVa box

UVa box
Intro to UVa's new cloud storage solution
University-sanctioned and centrally-supported place in the cloud for your University files containing not-sensitive and moderately sensitive data
Meets the security needs and contractual requirements of higher education
Granular security controls enabling you to choose exactly who you want to share content with and how
Single sign-on convenience and security behind NetBadge
How much space: 50GB
Cost: Free to end users (all fees paid by ITS)
Available to: Current Agency 207 faculty or staff and degree-seeking UVa students (see eligibility info)
For how long: as long as you are at UVa.
Usage: Not appropriate for certain types of data, including highly sensitive data (see UVa Box User Responsibilities for more info); and federal/state laws and UVa information policies apply.
Apps available for: Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerries, Windows Phones, and more! View the complete list of Official Box Apps.
Getting Started
Upload & Manage Your Files
Sync Your Files Automatically
Access Your Files on Your Smartphone Or Mobile
Share Files & Collaborate
Associate your other email address(es) with your
UVa Box account (DEMO)
Help Me
UVa Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service that gives eligible members of the University community the ability to access, store, and share a wide range of non-sensitive/moderately sensitive University files securely—anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Will this
ever end?
UVa box homepage
This is the website to get you started with UVa box.

Simple, intuitive way to store lots of files online—50 GB/user!
Access your files via computer, smartphone, & mobile device
Send large files quickly, without emailing large attachments
Share and collaborate with colleagues both inside and outside the University
Auto-sync, commenting, customizable permissions, version history, and online editing functionality all available
Help you!
Uploading files and creating content
box video on using sync
About Your UVa Box Account
UVa Box Best Practices
Troubleshooting UVa Box
About the UVa Box Service
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