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No description

Rosa Gonzalez

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Nursing

Specific Tasks

Physical exhaustion due to walking, bending, or lifting patients
Usually work 3 12 hour shifts, plus overtime
longer work days and varied schedules. Nurses employed by hospitals work 12 hour shifts or have call duty.
They may have to work nights, weekends or even over the holidays.
They may be exposed to infectious diseases, radiation, chemicals

Critical care nurse
Emergency nurse
Labor and delivery
Neonatal nurse
Oncology nurse
Psychiatric/mental health
School nurse
Staff nurse
Women's health nurse practitioner
Clinical nurse specialist
Nurse anesthetist
Pay is higher with a BSN, or if you are Certified
Higher Education = Higher Demand AND Pay

What are
the benefits?
-Satisfying job
-Many specialties
-High demand and job security
-Health and dental coverage,
-Some nurses are also paid an additional amount for having been certified in a particular specialty.
-Travel opportunities, you can become a traveling nurse after a year or two of experience.

patient needs that determine a nurse's daily job activities.
administering medication, setting IVs, giving shots, updating patient records, providing emotional support, patient education, basic diagnostics.
Neonatal Nurse:
Neonatal refers to the first 28 days of life. Neonatal care, as known in specialized nurseries or intensive care
babies may need supplemental oxygen, intravenous therapy, specialized feedings, or more time to mature before discharge.
Nursing (RN)
Rosa Gonzalez
Bachelor of Science
master's degree (MSN) takes three more years.
National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)-RN before they can practice.
After passing they get the Board Certified (RN-BC) credential
License renewal is every 2 years
All RNs in the State of California who wish to maintain an active license are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education for license renewal.
UCLA - $10,152
CSU Long Beach - $6,240
CSU Los Angeles - $6,095
SDSU - $6,578 + Graduate
USD - $ 38, 150 + Graduate
Jacksonville University’s Nursing School Online

• Personal •Characteristics
Special Skills and Abilities
- Listener
- Help people come through their crises.
- Give good advice
- Good people/ socializing skills
- Put people at their ease,
- Gain their confidence
- Deal sympathetically with their problems and fears.
-Physical Demands
-12 Hour shifts
-They can work over their shifts and be called in at any time.
Also, personally the emotional factor in this career and me being an emotional wreck is one thing that scares me from this job.

- EVERY science class you can take. (Medical Pathway)
- 4 years of Math
- 4 years of English - communication skills
-volunteer at a nursing facility or hospital
I believe that i will be fit for the job in the future because math and science are my strong suits and will be able to meet the requirements. Also, i would like to work ith people because it seems that this job will never be boring. In fact i am a current member of the medics club and i love the vibe created in it. This will adapt to my living style because i would earn enough money and skills to live on my own.

Physiological Requirements

Nurses need to express exactly what it is that they do for patients.
Patient, respectful, communicative, and more sensible to situations.
It depends on the patient.

Advantages or Rewards
They must know how to follow orders
Their performance is linked with patient outcomes, length of stay, and chance of death.
Can they work outside of the U.S?
Nurses tend to make less money in other parts of the world
to do so:
contact companies, organizations, or sponsors that will pay for your expenses.
It is a tedious process
Who do they work with?
Work with doctors, and various health care specialists,

(in hospitals, schools, community centers, and the government)
People who suffer from an illness or injury
RN's must be trained to work with:
computers for documentation and monitoring equipment (heart,fetal, vital signs, and more.)
Job Environment
Patient acuity:
They must acknowledge the care required - from minimal to intense
Working Hours and Conditions
Education and Training
This job is very demanding and exhausting, thus you must always have a
attitude and have in mind that your goal is to attend and fulfill the patients' needs.
This career looks appealing to me because it is
emotionally rewarding.
It offers financial stability
There is so much to chose from, many variety of tasks.
It consists on making someone feel better.
I can travel and practice in foreign countries in need, which is one of my goals.

High School Preparation
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