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Leverage Your Social Network as a Mentoring Community

No description

Maria Andersen

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Leverage Your Social Network as a Mentoring Community

Leverage Your
Social Network as a Mentoring Community

Maria H. Andersen, Ph.D.
illustration by
Mat Moore
How do you train a group of 1?
How to you teach employees skills that nobody at your company has yet?
How do you keep training relevant week after week, month after month?
Who participates in social media?
Who participates in a social network?
Pretty much everyone...
Leverage social networks and the fresh information push from social media.
Pretty much everyone.
But are they LEARNING from Social Media?
Start with a well-defined project.
You have to start sharing to cultivate a good social network, but what's the point of sharing to a network of nobody?
It's a lonely first month.
For every hour you spend _______, send a tweet that shares thoughts, ideas, or resources.
Tweeting my Dissertation
Measurable Goal:
First 50 (real) followers
Check in often.
Be a good coach.
Measurable Goal:
Follow 50 people who you can learn from
Measurable Goal:
Reply to 2 tweets a
day with comments or questions
No bio, no picture.
No reason to follow you.
Your bio should tell us what you like to learn and share about.
Develop a weekly practice of reflection on what you've learned.
Blog posts
Slide Decks
Lunch n' Learn
Story time:
How I learned to design video games.
Twitter is still tops for professional learning networks in most fields, but there are excepetions.
Find the right tools.
Tweak your
social network periodically.
Cultivate a corporate learning community in Facebook - no friending required.
Participate in Learning Activities that force you to synthesize your new knowledge.
The journey never really ends ...
Look for Conference or topic hashtags and TweetChats you can join.
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