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Education in Africa

a brief overview of the state of education in Africa

Chris Bregger

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Education in Africa

(an educated girl in
Africa) is “three times less likely to get HIV/AIDS, and is more likely to earn 25 percent more
income, reinvest 90 percent in her family, and have a smaller, healthier family. as of 2005 there were still 80 or less girls enrolling
in school for every 100 boys Gender Dissparities Education in Africa Where are the African Nations? Kenya... Aid "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime." boarding fees - 392,000
day students - 49,000
food fees - 443,000 "In the view of most education advocates, school fees served more as a barrier to the
poor than as a source of finance for good education." School Fees Can be good... 2 million new children in primary schools Can also be very bad... Malawai... 20,000 new, under-qualified teachers 300,000 students drop out in the first year. Simply due to the government not being prepared for the task it took on. 70:1 encouraged literally everyone to go to school! Mozambique 54% live below the poverty line. Gross Nantional Income per Capita $250US EP1 - 21,410MZN
EP2 - 60,013MZN Ghana GNI $501 - $765 "...aid has helped make the poor, poorer, and growth slower." Dambisa Moyo Researched in: Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria James Tooley Found...
Poorest parents prefered to pay the private school fees.
They were cheaper and the education quaility was better. Rock stars and millionaires/billionaires foster dependency by urging governments to increase aid to Africa.
Feed media images of Africans as helpless, dependent victims.
African leaders need to take a role in helping their people. Outspoken Ugandan journalist
Jailed last year for criticizing President Museveni.
The Western world's "international cocktail of good intentions" is robbing Africa of its future.
What country has ever gotten rich from aid? What Africa needs is investment, not more aid. Andrew Mwenda
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