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Vampire Diaries Chemical Reactions

No description

Samantha Gardner

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of Vampire Diaries Chemical Reactions

Vampire Diaryies Chemical Reactions Synthesis: Love at frist sight + = Decomposition: The big break up "Hello, my names
stephen. Whats yours?" "Hello Stephen,
my name's Ellana." "You are very attractive, Ellana" " You're just to needy for me, Stephen." "Yeah, whatever." Single Replacement: " My boyfriends brother" + "Sorry Stephen!" Double Replacement: Revenge "Sure Stefans cute, but
Damon is just so......." + " Why should Ellana get everthing she wants. I mean i saw Stefan first" Revenge is so sweet! Combustion: The Player The player The brothers " I know its wrong, but they are just
so cute!"
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