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andres munguia

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of invertabrates

invertebrates are relatives to some animals like the starfish,sponge, and mullusks.
invertebrates are dumber than usual on the other hand vertebrates are way more smarter and they act way more differently
invertebrates have been around for 40,000,000 million years
what are they?
invertebrates are spineless animal have the ability to bend to a certain degree.
they are broken down into 8 categories
Vertebrates are only smarter because they have bigger brains that invertebrates but equally both animals are smart in there own ways.
the simplest invertebrates in fact are sponges
they are multicelluar organisms, they completely lack the cell wall
body divided into 3 different parts the head, thorax, and the abdomen
breathe through skin
But closest relatives are the sponge the sponge is the most simplest invertebrate that is pretty much useless
Fun Facts
99% of the known organisms
invertebrates can live almost everywhere under the ocean and the land.
Fun facts (continued)
They cannot produce food.They are heterogeneous
invertebrates live all over the world in various habitats
mini quiz
1)how many body parts do they have 2) about how much percent is there of invertebrates 3)what is the simplest invertebrate 4) how do they breathe 5) do they have a cell wall.

were did we get all this information?
we got all our information from tutorvista.com copyright
by Isaiah,Andres,Benny,
and khaled
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