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Nonverbal Courtship patterns in women

No description

Haley Leonard

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Nonverbal Courtship patterns in women

Typically, poor mate selection has harsher consequences for women than men (in terms of the parental investment), therefore researchers believe humans, especially women, exhibit a group of facial expressions and gestures referred to as “Flirting Behaviors”. These are used to elicit male attention.

The Study
10 subjects were chosen to be observed at four different locations: a singles' bar, a snack bar, a library, and a women's meeting.

Women were observed and recorded doing the specific behaviors from the
Women in "mate relevant" contexts (singles' bar) exhibited higher average frequencies of nonverbal displays directed at males.

Women who signaled often were also those who were most often approached by a man, and this relationship was not context specific.
Females are able to determine when and where they wish to survey mate potential by exhibiting or withholding displays. They can elicit a high number of male approaches, allowing them to choose from a number of available men. Or they may seek out the attention of one male in particular and direct all their displays at him.
Kandon (1975) "Female's behavior, particularly her facial expressions, function as a regulator in modulating the behavior of the male."

Nonverbal Courtship patterns in women
context and consequences

written by Monica m. moore, presentation by haley leonard
The purpose of the study was to describe
the visual and tactile displays emitted by
women during initial meetings with

These nonverbal displays are courtship signals.
They serve as attractants and elicit the approach of males or ensure the continued attention from them.
Traditionally, women have had more control in choosing men for relationships.

Nonverbal solicitation is one of the first steps in the sequence of behaviors beginning with mate attraction
and culminating with mate selection.

These courtship gestures and expressions
appear to aid the woman in the roles as
discriminating chooser.
Females of a wide variety of species may be expected to exhibit traits that would facilitate the assessment of the quality of potential suitors in respect to their inherited attributes and acquired resources.
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