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Contemporary Dance

By: Melissa, Isabelle, Naz and Sarah

Naz Jr Tonbazian

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Contemporary Dance

Characteristics Of This Style
Style Of Dress
Contemporary dance is a very personal dance. The costumes that the dancers choose to wear help the dancer portray their story they are trying to show through their dance. If the music is soft, the dancer may be wearing a light coloured, flowy costume. But if the music is 'darker', the dancer might be wearing something that doesn't flow as much and is a darker colour.
Where Did The Style Originate From?
The origins of contemporary dance began back in the 20th century. Contemporary dance was developed in its early stages by both the French and Americans. They both had different philosophies on the subject. The Americans wanted contemporary to be known world wide by the media for combining various styles together. The French however, wanted contemporary to be a way where dance can be "danced" with an emotional connection. In 1944 Merce Cunningham had fully established contemporary dance by merging the sides of the Americans and the French. Creating the dance style that we refer to today as contemporary dance.
Cultural Significance
When Was This Style Created?
Contemporary dance was created in the 1940's by the French and Americans. Contemporary emerged in the ballet era. The Americans and their opposition (the French) had the most esteemed ballet companies across the globe. Which made the evolution of contemporary dance even more appropriate to see who was to come on top.
Music Associated With This Style
For contemporary dance, there is no specific type of music. Contemporary dance is usually very personal so the music depends on the dance. If the music is very dark, the dancer may be feeling sad, angry or upset. The moves might be sharper than a dance with slow, soft music.
Why Was This Style of Dance Created
Contemporary dance is performed differently than other types of dance. Its focus is on the technique. Contemporary dance utilizes strong legwork that appears in ballet and torso work that appears in modern dance. In 1944 Merce Cunnigham developed contemporary dance to make sure dance was to be danced not analyzed. This being a form of art and expressionism (creating a narrative storyline).
Is This Style Of Dance Still Practiced?
Contemporary dance is still practiced in the modern days. This style of dance has been practiced and performed since the 1940's. Contemporary dance is performed and practiced in dance studios, televised in the media, performed in recitals, and taught in classrooms. Many of which are still viewed by the public.
Why Is The Costume Important In This Style?
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Contemporary dance was created by Merce Cunnigham. This type of dance was created in a way to express emotions, and originality. The key features to distinguish Contemporary dances are: elements of ballet, rolls, unusual shapes and lines, lifts, gestures, and parallel positions. Contemporary dances can tell a story, or have no meaning at all. This style of dance can be performed by one person to a large group.
- Contemporary dance is created to have many values in the performance. You will find respect, acceptance, and non destructive discrimination in the performance.
- The name "Contemporary Dance" was made by a mistake in history.
- Contemporary Dance is considered "Western Art"
-Contemporary Dance has no specific music style
-Contemporary dance is very expressive
-Dancers connect their mind and feelings to their dance
-It includes styles of modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet
-There are many music styles
-Dancers use their full body
-There are no specific techniques, styles or moves needed
-There is a lot of floor work
The media has commonly shown contemporary dances in many t.v shows, movies, music videos, and Broadway Performances, such as: Dancing With the Stars, Dance Moms, Chandelier and Elastic Heart by Sia. Contemporary dance is slowly developing and increasing its popularity because of these performances. It is said that contemporary dance has been created to be danced not analyzed, and show the dancers emotions

The world has had many innovators of contemporary dance. In the 1940's Isadora Duncan helped revolutionize contemporary. Duncan performed on broadway making contemporary dance well known in the eyes of the public. Also on this list is Maddie Ziegler. She has been on the hit television show "Dance Moms". Also she has worked with pop star Sia on various music videos. Videos like (by Sia) "Chandelier", "Elastic Heart", and "Big Girls Cry". Her contribution to contemporary dance has reflected with her having millions of followers on social media. Contemporary dance has greatly benefited due to her involvement.
Contemporary Dance
Some Famous Contemporary Dancers
By: Melissa, Isabelle, Naz, and Sarah
If the music is slower and softer, the dancer may feel happy or sad. The moves will be smooth and flow together.
This is an example of a more upbeat, group contemporary dance. Most of the moves are in sync throughout the whole group.

In contemporary the dance displays expressionism. When dancing the costume helps distinguish what type of dance it is. When a costume is light and flowing the piece is usually happier and triumphant. For example, the dancer above is wearing an elegant white outfit which lets us assume that the piece is happy. However, if a piece is darker the costume may display darker colors and layers to signify the type of dance (bottom picture).

Contemporary Facts
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