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No description

maddie pozek

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Titanic

Margaret Brown was one of the survivors on the RMS Titanic. Margaret was 47 when she was on the titanic. She wanted to go to France to go see her daughter. A few days after arriving she had gotten news that her first grandson ad gotten ill. She wanted to stay in France, but she just had to go see her grandson. She had booked a ticket to go onto the Titanic and see her grandson. She sailed as a first class passenger. She got to go to fancy galas, she got to listen to live music, and she got to eat gourmet meals. A few nights in she was laying in her bed and thinking about her grandson, when she had herd a noise. She had went out of her cabin and saw a lot of people trying to get to the lifeboats, when she had just found out that the boat was sinking. Margaret decided to be the nice person that she is and lead people into the lifeboats, not thinking about herself.
Lawrence Beesley was just one of the survivors of the Titanic. Lawrence hadn't his brother Frank in a long time, so that is the reason why he was going onto the Titanic. He was looking forward to reconnecting with Frank. He had a second-class ticket which would get him to New York and then he would travel to Toronto. He was a 34 year old science teacher. Lawrence had borrowed a book from the library a few nights in, and he was reading it on his bed when he felt the engines grow quiet. He had asked what had happened, and he was sure nothing serious had happened, but he wanted to see. When he got onto the deck he noticed that women and children were getting into lifeboats. At that time he also noticed that the boat was tilting. He managed to get onto a lifeboat when the men were allowed on. He jumped onto a lowering lifeboat and usually they would shoot you for doing that, but he got away with it. First when he got onto the lifeboat they were going to release it where water was coming out from a broken pipe. They kept screaming until they moved it away, but then they had trouble cutting the rope. There lives were eventually saved by the RMS Carpathia.
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