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My Writing Development

Creative Work for Current/Future Teaching in Relation to the "Consider Your Roots" Project

Heather Dawley

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of My Writing Development

Writing Thank You Letters My Writing Identity Pen Pals Stationary as a Gift Aunt Sue Journals School When I was little,
a lot of my family
lived far away. They would send me
gifts for my Birthday
and holidays! Then, I would write
a nice thank you
letter back to them. When I got a little
older, I decided
that I wanted a
pen pal. My mom found a
program that
connected kids from
all over the world! I had a pen pal
in Massachusetts
and even one from
Africa! Everyone knew that
I loved to write. I started getting
really cool stationary
sets as gifts! My Aunt Sue
loved to write. She always kept
a journal in her
big purse. This helped her
keep track of
everything! Now, I have
my own journals. I like to use them
to write down things
that I find interesting. I didn't get to
do a lot of writing
when I was in school. I wish that I would have had more time for writing! Writing is fun! Writing is important! We can use writing
in so many ways and
for so many different
things! What are you
waiting for? Get busy creating
your own
writing identity
today! Writing allows you
to communicate with
people who do not
live near you. Writing gives you
the chance to learn
about new places
and people. Writing gives you
the chance to be
creative. Writing can be
used to express
yourself .
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