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Customer Experience Map

No description

Vito San Diego

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Customer Experience Map

Customer Experience Map
Take them on an Azlean journey
An Emotional Journey
Well-traveled in country, familiar with popular destinations
The travel fashionista
around 30 years old, independent, adventurous, professional, career-driven, single but in a relationship
Actively seeks out new destinations by subscribing to blogs, websites, and magazines
Seeks out quality comparable to the Shangri-La or the Marriot. No compromises.
Takes the lead in leisure hunting, attested by her social media accounts and blogs
In this section, we attempt to infuse the emotional delighters that enhance the overall experience.
Checks activities and amenities wanting to compare them to others she's experienced before,, hoping to find new features to existing activities or amenities
Arrives at resort and checks-in, for the first time appreciating the resort she's paid for,
Reviews, selects, and edits photos taken during the trip and uploads on her social media accounts, tagging her friends and brands she encountered
Has a taste for the finer things, and does not mind spending for superior quality
Sees her seasoned traveler friends post photos of excursions a new locations. Photos are filled with natural beauties, but friends stay in tents or local, indigenous accommodations.
Past Experiences
Sends an email inquiry and hopes for a prompt response so she can ask more questions.
Makes a call and hopes someone can answer her queries. She hopes the one who answers doesn't force her to buy outright.
Take flight to nearest airport accessible but wonders what will she experience on the way to the resort
Travels to resort by PUB or PUV, which is the only way around the area.
Seeks testimonials from social media, preferably friends or known personalities to verify the claims of the resort.
Meets friends over dinner to share experiences with others who were not there, upping her 'star power' within her group. She plans to do the same with her relatives during reunions.
Evaluation and Purchase
Checks out aggregators to find hotels in locations she has never been to before. However, known hotel chains are located in urban centers away from her target destinations
Asks friends and family for recommendations where to go, but hopes she is the one providing this information
She finds no quality accommodations in the area and she does not consider going there at least until there are acceptable hotels/resorts close by.
Searches internet and checks blogs for new locations to visit on a long weekend or during her mandatory breaks
Receives brochure either by email or snail mail, providing company-fed information. This information might feel manufactured, and can lead to some doubt
Makes the reservation either by credit card or cash deposit. She makes last minute changes but these are negligible
Rest in room, orders room service, takes a shower, watches TV, checks her social media accounts and posts updates, before deciding its time to leave the room to enjoy whats new.
Tries out resort activities available. If they are unavailable but advertised, its a bummer. If available, its a plus. She feels uneasy not knowing.
Settles bills, fills out a feedback form, and checks out, feeling either it was 'worth it' or 'a mistake', which she has to say to her friends.
Takes lots and lots of photos and videos of herself and friends for uploading later...
Composes and posts blogs on her experience on her social media pages, highlighting the good and bad experiences, and her final verdict on the location.
Compares prices with similar quality hotels, hoping to justify the cost of going to a new hotel in an emerging destination.

An interactive company website with bird eye view CGI of the resort, 360 degree views of room, common areas, amenities, and activities
The Azlea mobile and web application provides a virtual trip planner where you can drag-drop everything the resort has to offer, from food, amenities, and activities into a schedule to create a personalized experience
Users can sign up to the Azlea mobile and web application either through the corporate site or Facebook, allowing us access to their behaviors and preferences, This is crucial if they do decide to purchase since we can setup a "recommended for you" function in the app.
Using Azlea app, an individual can generate a costing of the expenses incurred. If paid, this interfaces with the reservation system of the hotel, automatically blocking off rooms, highlighting preferences, and signing up for activities.
Shuttle picks her up at the airport and ferries her to the hotel. She can watch a movie, listen to music, or get a tour briefing from the driver. Mobility partner can provide a vehicle for this phase. Highlight is an off-road experience to the resort.
Upon arrival at the resort, a local group performs a native welcome ceremony. While front desk verifies her identity for check-in, she is given a welcome drink and a foot massage.
Her luggage is taken directly to her room, leaving her free with her camera to take photos along the beach on her way to her room. Makeshift 'camera stands' made from rocks and natural elements are placed in predetermined areas where the view is best for photos. She and her friends can take pictures with ease.
At resort activities, personnel take photos for using their cameras, as well the hotel cameras. This is for the take away album they will get when they check out. They can select the photos that will go into the album from their own or the resort's cameras.
In room, a bottle of her preferred liquor is on the minibar, on the house. In addition, the Azlea app is also the interface to room service and communicating with concierge
At check out, the local group performs a native good bye ceremony before leaving the resort. A small good bye token is also given.
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