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Project Manager, Program Managers, and Business Analysts

No description

Lew Minaglia

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Project Manager, Program Managers, and Business Analysts

Project Manager, Program Managers, and Business Analysts
Lew Minaglia and Meghan Schulthesz
Project Manager
Creating clear and attainable objectives
Building the project requirements
Managing the constraints
Most importantly, accomplishing the objects
Subject Matter Experts Of

Project Managers
The program manager participates in departmental planning
The program manager organizes the work to maximizes his resources
The program manager has good leadership skills, knows how to balance the tasks and increases the chances of a successful operation
The program manager is held accountable for work done by his team
Business Analysts
Skills and Responsibilities:
Interpret business needs
- translate stakeholder requirements into something developers can understand and vice versa

Translate technical issues
- explaining to stakeholders what the developers are doing and why

Illustrate project details

- identify, model and document requirements and business domains

Test and validation
- aid in writing user acceptance test (UAT) cases and will be a liaison between project stakeholders and testing organization --> Improve business processes

project stakeholders throughout process
TEKsystems PM/BA Trends
Market Trends
Business Analysis
Used by companies committed to data-driven decision making:
Success depends on skilled analysts who understand the technologies and the business with a commitment to data-driven decision making...
Processes and Tools Used

Project Manager:
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Program Management Professional (PgMP)

Business Analyst:
The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

According to RWS:
Total DG Office REQs since July: 117
Business Analysts - 19; 16.2%
OfficeMax, US Cellular, IAA, JCR
Project & Program Managers - 22; 18.8%

FIS, US Cellular, Communications
Total Office
PM & BA Positions:

Office Group
PMs - BCBS, JPMC, Northern Trust
BAs- BCBS, Northern Trust, Abbott
MS project
Project Workbench
SDLC templates
Cloud Computing
ERP Implementation
Operational Support System / Inventory System
Waterfall and agile methodologies
Data mapping,
Transaction processing

Program vs. Project Manager
are Ongoing,

are Tied to the Organization's Financial Calendar, while
have a set budget.

Management is Governance Intensive
are governed by a senior level board that provides direction, oversight, and control.

are typically a small piece of the
as a whole

"IBM.com: Program Manager: Different from Project Managers"
Improving vendor management is a must in the future:
Vendor issues start with the requirements from clients
Not enough information on: scope, quality needed, deadlines, and budget
To fix this, vendors (such as TEK) must ask the right questions to the clients and make sure we are attracting the correct TPs to submit to our clients.

Project management isn't just for PMs anymore:
Architects and programmers are holding hybrid roles now.
Allows for companies to to work more efficiently
Better range of candidates,
Understand the projects better
Skills Necessary to be a good PM
Communication skills
Negotiation Skills
Organizational Change Management
Relationship Management
RWS with Certifications:
Project Manager:
36,556 candidates
Project Manager and PMP:
5,011 candidates
Project Manager and CAPM:
162 candidates
Project Manager and PMP and CAPM:
73 candidates

Program Manager:
5,878 candidates
Program Manager and PgMP:
85 candidates

Business Analyst:
12,226 candidates
Business Analyst and CBAP:
67 candidates
Search string: 30 miles from Downers Grove
Agile VS. Waterfall
Attracting and
PMs and BAs
Attend local user groups
PMI dinners
Tailoring the EVP
Using current market trends
Good people know good people
Project Manager
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