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Are You Ready to Power Up with Professional Development?

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tamara Howerton

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Are You Ready to Power Up with Professional Development?

Author unknown "We cannot expect students to change what they do if we are content for teachers to continue doing what they have always done". Are You Ready to Power Up
With Professional Development? Presented by
Robin L. Edwards & Tamara Howerton
Chesterfield County Public Schools Who We Are...

Number of Students : 60,000

Number of Teachers : 4500 + all teachers and administration have 1:1.

Number of Schools: 62

Chesterfield County Public School System is the 4th largest school district in the state of Virginia.

“In this busy world where there is never enough time, how can school districts provide thousands of teachers and staff with quality technology professional development?”
author unknown Fall 2012

Online training delivered through our blended learning platform, Edmodo, for recertification geared to each staff member’s unique needs. Plans for Spring 2013 and beyond: Fall 2012

Designed a Google Site to house all of our instructional technology classes . Spring 2012

Began setting up our own IT Learning Academy offered Instructional Technology classes at various locations within the district. Began collaborating with instructional specialists to meet content area demands. Fall 2011

Conducted research to determine various ways to provide professional development to teachers. Looked at what other counties were doing in Virginia and in other states. Formed a committee to meet monthly to support our task. Spring 2011

The Manager of Instructional Technology tasks us with researching and evaluating new ways to deliver professional development. Open Google using Chrome, Firefox or your personal device browser.
Go to Edmodo.com
Sign in or Sign up
Join Presentation Group: rh95z4
Make sure you are in the newest version of Edmodo. Join Edmodo Group: Post a note on Edmodo telling us where you are from. Now... Develop asynchronous classes for teachers and administrators through the IT Learning Academy. https://sites.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/it-learning-academy-ccps/ Continue to expand choices of on-line classes of various time lengths and content. Expand into other resources (teachers, librarians, etc…) to offer a broader menu of educational opportunities. How does your district currently approach professional development opportunities for instructional technology? Are these required, optional or some of both? Please find the following question on the Edmodo page and give us your answer. “Teacher Professional Development: It’s Not an Event, It’s a Process “

Questions? "Veteran teachers need to focus on how 1:1 has to be about changing teaching and NOT about the technology." Nick Sauers Why 1:1? It is "impossible to overstate the power of individual teachers in the success or failure of 1:1 computing," Bebell and Kay write. "Teachers nearly always control how and when students access and use [the] technology during the school day. Initially, teachers must make massive investments in time and effort to adapt their teaching materials and practices to make 1:1 environment effective and relevant." Similarly, a study of laptop use in 21 high-need Texas middle schools noted that "teacher buy-in...is critically important, because students' school experiences with [the] technology are largely dicated by their teachers." http://www.eschoolnews.com/2010/02/16/11-programs-only-as-good-as-their-teachers/ Please Take the Poll in Edmodo on 1:1 initiative. Sandra H. Harwell, Ph.D Meet Your Presenters... Tamara Howerton Robin L. Edwards "In this busy world where there is never enough time, how can school districts provide thousands of teachers and staff with quality technology professional development?" Author unknown
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