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Energy & Utility PESTLE

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on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Energy & Utility PESTLE

Energy and Utility Industries
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
2000 BC - Chinese First to Use Coal as an Energy Source
200 BC - Chinese Develop Natural Gas as an Energy Source.
200 BC - Europeans Harness Water Energy to Power Mills
1590s - Dutch Build Windmills for Multiple Uses
1712 - First Steam Engine Developed in England to Pump Water Out of Coal Mines
1800 - Process of Electrolysis Discovered
1830 - Coal Becomes Primary Locomotive (Train) Fuel in US, Displacing Wood
Sep. 4, 1882 - First Electric Plant Built by Thomas Edison in New York
Environmental Policy
Regulations on Infrastructure Investments
Energy Policies
Economic Sanctions
Renewable resources benefit start ups, environmental, consumers
Population growth then more consumers
Energy saving devices/ informed customers
Tax cuts
Upgrading infrastructure
Energy efficient devices
Political Factors
Clean Energy
Urban Growth
Customer Expectations
Population Growth
Customer Awareness of Energy Use
Social Factors
Energy Storage
Smart Grid
Cyber Security
Electric Vehicles
Smart Devices
Home Automation
Technical/Technological Factors
Consolidation/Merging Companies
Clean Energy vs. Dirty Energy
Reduced Purchasing Power of Consumers
Consumer Power
Aging Infrastructure
Energy Trading Markets
Economic Factors
1) Aging Utility Infrastructure
-Water, Gas, Electric, Sewer, Communications
2) Increased Scrutiny and Changing Regulations For:
-Operating Procedures
-Worker & Community Safety
-Environmental Impacts
-Financial Responsibility
3)Increased Customer Expectations For:
-Uninterrupted Delivery
-Service Response and Resolution Time
4)Threat of Third Party Attack on Energy Grid

Current Challenges
PESTLE Analysis
Company/Customer Reimbursement Rates
International Exchange
Easement/Eminent Domain
Legal Factors
Global Warming
Waste Disposal
Consumption of Natural Resources
Environmental Factors
Renewable resources threaten current energy providers
geological disruptions/ aging infrastructure
population growth, demand growth, increased costs
global warming
cyber/grid security
1900 - Birth of modern oil industry.
1924 - First Federal Law Established to Control Pollution from the Oil Industry
1927 - First Commercial Wind Turbines Sold to Generate Electricity on Remote Farms
1935 - Hoover Dam, the World's Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant, Is Built
1950 - Petroleum Becomes Most Used Fuel in the US
1950s - Natural Gas Becomes a Major Fuel in US with Extensive Construction of Natural Gas Pipelines
Aug. 30, 1954 - US Congress Passes Atomic Energy Act of 1954
Aug. 4, 1977 - Department of Energy Organization Act Is Signed, Creating the US Department of Energy
Aug. 3, 2015 - President Obama Announces Clean Power Plan, Imposing the First Nationwide Limits on Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plants
Last 100 years
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