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Eleven Startup Accelerator

Powering. Awesome. Startups.

Maxim Gurvits

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Eleven Startup Accelerator

Powering. Awesome. Startups. We're a € 12 million acceleration and seed fund based in... Crazy? Well, Bulgaria has ... ... the world's third fastest internet (after South Korea and Romania) ... lowest taxes (10% flat) and cost of doing business in EU... . ... and a lot of brains! But what was always missing, until now? Two key elements (Smart) Money + Mentorship And that's where we come in! was set up in 2012 with a € 12 million instrument from the European Investment Fund, to provide acceleration and seed venture investments in high-growth startups. How do we work? Our aim:

In 2013-2016, give the world the next Why Bulgaria? (short answer: look on Quora) but seriously... Three times per year: Out of ~500 applications, 30 make it to selection day... ... from which, the Eleven crew with the help of our partners and mentors, select 10 to 15 winning teams And that's when the magic starts: + + Funding Roof Mentors 25,000 euros
8-10% equity Strategic partnerships: and 50+ other awesome mentors, comprising top founders, sales hustlers, code ninjas, design gods, bloggers, good bankers, and many more... Our deliverable: Rockstar performance at our demo days Sofia London Mountain View After the first 3 months, the acceleration can be extended to another 3 months and another € 25,000 After which, Eleven can provide up to an additional € 150,000 in seed funding The startup lifecycle at Eleven: Applying to What matters? the perfect pitch What problem needs solving? What's the market? homework, numbers matter:)) Give an idea of the product you will build don't worry, wireframes are cool too:) The amazing team behind it all And, most importantly ... Be awesome! facebook.com/elevenbg twitter.com/elevenbg f6s.com/eleven eleven.bg (the application platform)
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