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Don bradman

The Don

Adam Hewen

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Don bradman

The Great Donald Bradmen On the 27th of August 1908 Sir Donald George Bradman
also known as Don or the Don was born in Cootamundra NSW.

He & his family lived in a small town nearby called Yeo Yeo. Not long after, they moved to Bowral when he was 2 years old & in 1909 11Th of June Don's later wife Jessie Menzies was born near Bowral. Don's first game/trial was the 27 November 1926 by scoring 110 runs in 110 minutes against Petersham in Sydney. Bradman's status as a hero in his native country Australia, or anywhere else that appreciates cricket. In 2001 a sad passing of Sir Donald George Bradman on the 25Th February 2001 left very sad hearts of the people in Australia and who ever cared about him. Sir Donald Bradman was a true Aussie hero and was loved by many people. Don played only one innings in Cootamundra in his cricket career ever.

Don first job was as secretary of West brook, a real estate business.

Don scored 200 runs or more in a single day 27 times in his first-class career.

In the 295 first-class innings in which Don played in, he scored 16 ducks.

Don won the South Australian squash championship in 1939 5 Fun Facts DON BRADMAN By Adam Hewen Bibliography

*http://www.users.on.net/~tm77/Bradman/ 50things.htm
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