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old man by dcp

No description

lauren tyus

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of old man by dcp

By Darron Carter Purifoy
Friendship continued.....
Manolin is also Santiago's emotional support by giving him help during his unlucky streak. When people said Santiago was a lost cause, Manolin didn't listen and helped him anyway.
Charles quite his job giving up health benefits and retirement. He soon found an agent in New York, and began earning living as a photojournalist.

Moore taking pictures of Harriet Richardson, a Student Organizer at Pennsylvania's Juniata College, as she presses a Cloth to the Wounds of Galway Kinnell.

In September 3, 1958, when he was a photographer he witnessed an argument between the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and two policemen
Santiago decides to travel farther out into the ocean in search of fish. He soon snagged a marlin on his line, but had to fight the fish for three days and nights just to make the catch

Freedom March
March of 1965 patriots of all colors demand justice

In front of the Alabama state capitol, marchers sing "We Have Overcome" and listens to King Jr., who told them that "segregation is on its deathbed."
Moore would grow weary of years of violence, of hatred, street battles and the searing taste of tear gas-- having witnessed many of the most significant events of the era.
After documenting the fighting surrounding James Meredith's bloody admission to the University of Mississippi, the dogs being turned on protesters in Bermingham and savagery of the civil rights march at Selma, Moore booked an around- the-world ticket on Pan Am in 1965 and would not return home for eight months.
On April 4th Moore was in Palo Alto, CA doing on a sex education assignment for the Saturday Evening Post. He says" we had the radio on and heard the flash about King. I just pulled the car over to the side ,listened to the news and cried. After all i done, i felt bad i couldn't be there on that day in Memphis. I knew him and he knew me."
He died on March 11, 2010 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at age 79.

young and old
Moore made some of the most significant pictures of the civil rights movement. As a contract photographer for Life magazine, Moore traveled the South to cover the evolving struggle.
Micheal Durham wrote the text for Moore's 1991 book," Powerful Days," The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore.
In 1968
Man vs. Nature
The Novel Themes

Santiago is a man who has been fishing for eighty-four days with no success of any kind, yet he refuses to give up knowing one day he'll snag a fish .
Santiago was a man of pride.
If it wasn't for his pride Santiago would not have lasted the three long days and nights against the fish. Though pride will always have a catch in the end.
Pride has also taken its toll on Santiago. He has traveled far out into the ocean and now has gained the attention of sharks that caught the smell of a fresh kill. It wasn't long until sharks made their way to Santiago's prize.

In the story Santiago has a
friend named Manolin. He's a
young boy who gives physical support to him, while Santiago teaches
Manolin how to fish.
Santiago and Manolin connect for one lacked what the other had. Santiago taught Manolin how to fish while Manolin gave him support and encouragement to continue fishing. Although Santiago was old he was stillable to catch the large prize by himself.

Santiago battles his opponnet for three long days with little to no sleep in hopes of being the victor.

After Santiago's fight with the
Marlin he had to travel back home while fighting off multiple sharks that came for his catch. During his struggle it was a kill or be killed stiuation.

In conclusion the story of the old Man and the Sea is filled with Christian imagery . One is that Santiago carries his mast on his shoulder to his
home like how christ was forced to bear his own crucifix. Another is when he lays on his bed which resembled christ's final postion when he was placed on the cross.
Pride continued......
Defiant continued....
Man vs. Nature continued....
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