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Caitlin & Josie: Monomyth Cycle: heroism: Minerva

No description

Josie Acreman

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Caitlin & Josie: Monomyth Cycle: heroism: Minerva

Minerva In the time of the butterflies The Monomyth Cycle Heroism By: Josie and Caitlin Mysterious Birth The Threshold of Adventure The world of the Quest The Hero's World Separation A Mentor/ Education Call to Adventure Initiation Minerva fathers always said he had business, but Minerva finally found out that he had a second family. Her father had been having an affair with a women and had four girls. When Minerva say the girls she knew they were Mirabal eyes, "There were three that ran to the road whenever they heard the car, a fourth one sometimes came... four girls... I stopped at the side of the road and started at their Mirabal eyes" (85). Minerva was shocked but knew that those were her sisters. Before anything the girls wanted to get out and be free. The girls didn't want to be locked up, they wanted to go to school and be there own person. It was hard from them to get there papa to let them go. He wanted Minerva to stay and help with there Papa. But as outspoken as Minerva pushed him till he said yes, " So it was settled, all three of us would go to Incunabula Concepcion"(13). She had choose to leave for school and separate from their parents. Everyone thought that Trujillo was a good ruler and he never did anything wrong. Minerva always was raised that she Trujillo was a great ruler. Until Minerva met Sinita and she taught her the bad things Trujillo, "Trujillo was doing things... My uncles they plan to do something to Trujillo... all three of the were shot right on the spot(17). Sinta want revenge on Trujillo and now Minerva did too. Minerva is a very brave women, she strongly believes in politics. Minerva never knows how to keep her mouth shut so she got in trouble with mall. Trujillo then arrested her father, when its my turn, I give Papa a goodbye kiss....Take care of your mother, you hear; he whispers to me an whispers to me and in the same breath adds, I need you to deliver some money to a client in San Francisco....Fifty pesos due at the middle and end of the month until i'm back'"(103). Initiation Minerva was always secretly hating Trujillo, but when she met Lio she did not keep it a secret it anymore. She got involved with the revolution, she didn't hide anymore or even her love for Lio. She felt different like she was free and not even Trujillo could crush her down,"When I met Lio, it was as if I woke up"(86). But if you only knew she was nearing closer to the crush. Minerva Mirabal is one of four sisters that loves her families dearly, even the ones she just finds out about. She is the second to the youngest of the sisters her dream is to become a lawyer. She goes to law school and is denied her diploma by the mean Trujillo. She is married to Manolo Tavarez after Lio is exiled. She has two children that she doesn’t get to see after she is taken to prison. She is very outspoken and is courageous before and after she joins the revolution. Minerva Mirabal is a true hero even in the oldest cycle called the Monomyth Cycle. Introduction Paragraph Test/Trails When Minerva was in the revolution she become braver. She wasn't scared but she did have to overcome some things. She was always determined and strong all the way through all her test, at low speed—able to hover and fly backwards or sideways with apparently little effort,”'
.... Using a specially designed wind tunnel and wisps of smoke to reveal airflow, they observed red admiral butterflies in flight. As the insects flew to and from artificial flowers in the wind tunnel, they were monitored by high-speed digital cameras that recorded the airflow around their wings. The researchers discovered that “the fluttering of butterflies is not a random, erratic wandering, but results from the mastery of a wide array of aerodynamic mechanisms.” (Butterfly Flight). Minerva is called a butterfly when she joins the revolution she was called a butterfly. She was determined to do anything to overthrow Trujillo. Enemies/Monsters Minerva has hated Trujillo from the start, he is been the enemy from the start. He always trying to take down the Mirabal family, ever since he met Minerva and found Lio's letters to Minerva.Trujillo knew that he had to make Minerva's life miserable, "' But really what he was planning all along to let her study for five whole years only to render that degree useless in the end. How cruel"'(138). If Minerva only knew his next big plan to make her life miserable. Friends to Help Manolo is one of Minerva best friends and also her husband and the father of her kids. Manolo also takes part in the revolution with Minerva pushes Minerva to be her always to do her best in her part of the revolution, he also thought bad of Trujillo, "Manolo [talked about] how if El Jefe takes his nightly paseo.. That's how he holds his cabinet meetings, walking bristly, each minster getting his turn at being grilled, then falling back, gladly giving up his place to the next one in line"(132). Minerva and Minerva were best of friends and had one thing in common they both hated Trujillo. Ultimate Battle Minerva has been through many battles and through all them she stayed strong. But this one was a little bit tougher she had to leave her kids to leave them all behind. She had to take a huge part in revolution, "Minerva said 'I'm going to be on the road a lot. and ill be coming down here for some meetings every week.' Patrica says, ' but Minerva your own child-' I began and then I saw it did hurt her to make this sacrifice she was convinced she needed to make"(155).She had to make the biggest decision and it may even cause her death. A Boon\ Prize Minerva finally ended up in prison after long. She was in there for months and she had not seen her kids or her family in months except Maria Theresa. Finally she was released after many months, "so when she saw her three sisters coming down the path that afternoon, she felt pure dread" (175).She had finally been freed from being tortured and being beaten. But her journey is not over. Transformation Minerva was having problems after prison, but she wasn't losing her faith in the revolution.She still felt strong about the revolution and she was still fighting. But secretly inside she was falling apart" After seven months in prison a lot of that time in solitary the overload was too much...id sit up shocked at what i was letting happen to me. I had been so much stronger and braver in prison. Now at home i was falling apart" (257&258). She was becoming weakened and overwhelmed by all that had been taking place while she was away in prison, she had been holding her self together but slowly began to let herself go. Return Marked/ Different in an irreversible way Minerva met her challenge and finally died. Trujillo's military men had killed her and her two other sisters and made it look like a car wreck, and then soon after a revolution happened and Trujillo was over thrown. Everyone thanked the sisters in prayer,“The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” (George Carlin). The sisters finally got their wish in spirit. conclusion work sited

"Quotes About Butterflies." (39 Quotes). N.p., n.d. Web. 20
Feb. 2013

"Watching the World â Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY." Watching the World â Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY.
N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. Minerva had a rough life in prison. Her and her family were targeted during this time because of her decisions that were made. Minerva was punished by Trujillo through several different ways. No matter what Trujillo threw at her or did to her she never backed down. She gave up so much for the revolution to happen. She was very strong throughout the cycle, but in the end she began to fall apart.
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