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Marketing Research Report

Introducing portable, plug&play projector to polish market by Iconis Co.

Jan Pieruń

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Research Report

product company POLAND iconis introducing new product portable projector population small and medium-sized enterprises target group micro-enterprises which employ fewer than 10 employees small businesses that employ fewer than 50 employees medium-sized businesses which employ fewer than 250 employees path of getting information random sampling stratified sampling quota sampling oversampling 1 2 3 methods of data collection direct interview experiment Focus group focus points focus on worth and price focus on individual, sensual experience concerning usage of projector ask for evaluation after presentation conducted on portable projector share impressions after first usage focus points focus points evaluate new product's features on the background of other, similar products observe reactions collect information about advantages and disadvantages of device description Professional, business presentation using two different projectors. Both would be screening the same presentation. One, ours would be used by a man who would be presenting particular issue. Tutor would be moving along the projection room carrying and using simultaneously the device. Second one, standard projector, would be used to screen presentation on white board. balloon completion projective technique 4 WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION WE SEEK THROUGH THIS TECHNIQUE? WHY THIS PARTICULAR TECHNIQUE IS BEING USED? 5 authors JAN PIERUŃ MATEUSZ CHUDZIASZEK THANK YOU!
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