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TOTAL PHISYCAL RESPONSE (gruppo 2, modulo 1, IUL)

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Flavia Zanchi

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of TOTAL PHISYCAL RESPONSE (gruppo 2, modulo 1, IUL)

TPR Total Physical Response WHAT IS TPR? TPR is an approach to teaching a second language, based on listening linked to a physical activities wich are designed to reinforce comprehension. A LITTLE MORE ON TPR ... TPR is a method developed by Dr. James Asher who is a professor emeritus of psycology at San Josè State University.
The method relies on the assumption that when learning a second or additional language, that language is internalized through a process of code-breaking similar to first development.
Student respond to command that require physical movement. OBJECTIVES To teach oral proficiency at a beginning level and the ultimate aim is to teach basic speaking skills.
To produce learners who are capable of free communication, which is understandable to a native speaker. PROCEDURE - REVIEW
- READING AND WRITING REVIEW Teacher gives a summary of the last lesson.
Teacher repeats the verbs/items ... that were learned in the previous lesson. NEW COMMANDS Giving the commands
Three commands at a time
Varying the sequence of commands ROLE REVERSAL Students commanding their teacher and classmates. READING AND WRITING Writing the new items on the board. ADVANTAGES OF TPR Students enjoying moving around the classroom
Good tool for building vocabulary
Good for kinesthetic learners who need to be active in class DISADVANTAGES OF TPR Best suitable for beginners
Challenging for shy students
May limit teachers in term of scope of language that can be addressed Asher's approach begins by placing primary importance on listening comprehension, emulating the early stages of mother tongue acquisition, and then moving to speaking, reading and writing.
Students demonstrate their comprehension by acting out commands issued by the teacher; teacher provides new and often humorous variations of the commands.
Activities are designed to be fun and to allow students to assume active learning roles.
Activities eventually include games. SUMMARY sit down walk jump point to the book THANKS A LOT
gruppo 2
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