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rain forest

destruction of the rain forest.

nic simmons

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of rain forest

THE RAIN FOREST and the destruction of its wild life. Immediate cause of destruction The immediate causes are agriculture and fuel wood collection The main degradation is logging, mining and industrial development. Dams are a big impact on the forest but tourism is a larger threat. logging Timber companys cut down mature trees of there selection for there companys inventory. The logging trade protects it self by saying that the way they are logging is selective which means to that they just harvest enough for the year then let it grow back and in a couple years they go back for another year of harvesting. Do to the nature of the rain forest and logging practices this is untrue. by Nicolas Wozney When the large machinery is that copanys use to cut throw the forest and make roads are making extensive damage.When the large machinery runs over the soil it gets packed together which makes it hard for the trees to regenerate. When you cut down one tree it comes down with its climbers, vines, epiphytes and lianas. Left with a large hole in the ground can take hunderds of years for a tree to regenerate to its full form. removing a felled tree causes huge damage to the rain even more when it is carried out carelessly. Did you know that it is believed in south asian countrys that 45-75% of the trees left after logging have been damaged or destroyed. MINING AND INDUSTRY Mining and industrial development is direct to forest loss cause of the cleaning of the land for making projects. The indigenous people are being moved and placed in bad areas. There is severe land, water and air pollution that occurs when mining and industrial developement activities are going on.Roads are being built in inaccessible areas which are opening the rain forest. FUELWOOD It is said that the united nations agriculture and organisation estimates that 1.5 billion of the 2 billion people who rely on fuelwood for cooking and heating are overcutting the forests. It is worse in tropical areas the way fixs this is to bring back the local peoples there original areas. National parks are built to save the rain forest but. They are open to the public and tourism is destroying the forest. TOURISM Governments find that tourism is an easy way to make money so tourism is encouraged to see the forest. Ecofriendly people should educate others to be friendly to the forest and what damages it. AGRICULTURE Areas is the rain forest are being cleard for cash crops and cattle. Most crops are made by the more rich counrtys so while the food is being exported to the other countrys the locals are straving. Due to the soil of the rain forest and the destructive nature of the present day agriculture practices, the productivity of cash crops on rain forest soil declines in a few years. the rain forest is a wonderful place to be and it also gives us our needs and our wants in this world now i think its time to for us to give back.
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