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Creating opportunities through strategic use of ICT

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John Creighton

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Creating opportunities through strategic use of ICT

Creating opportunities through strategic use of ICT
How ICT has enabled better student and community engagement alongside producing better learning outcomes

Strategic use of ICT to overcome barriers and serve communities better

Where the future opportunities for education development lies at

Identify where you want to go.
Look at how other organisations have started,
Take the best of what they have as a starting point
Customise and build
Structure your organisation to cater for your innovators and early adopters
Get students learning how to use tools and techniques that you identified so that your early and late majorities can move seamlessly

A look at how ICT deployment has enabled innovation and digital learning projects within the organisation
What does Organisation mean?
What does it look like?
Technology in Perspective
Education is changing before our eyes
5 ways people react to change

2.5 percent of people dream up new ways of doing things. They are
the innovators.

13.5 percent of people quickly respond to what they see as a good idea and adopt it. They are
the early adopters.

34 percent of people are more deliberate in thinking through the innovation but, after consideration, will adapt it. They are
the early majority.

34 percent of people are skeptical of innovation but eventually respond after seeing the benefits. they are
the late majority.

16 percent of people will probably never respond to change. They are
the laggards.
ICT Deployment
ICT Infrastructure
Learning Opportunities
Mandated use
Time to experiment and play
Innovation and Digital Learning is more than the installation of wireless and BYOT implementation.

ICT Deployment
Better student and community engagement
Overcoming barriers
ICT Deployment
Future opportunities
in education
Make best use of resources.
Use curriculum resources wisely
Look at trends, and at other schools

1. Ability to communicate professionally

2. Listening skills

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” — Winston Churchill

3. Maintaining a good attitude

4. Critical thinking

The oft-quoted Wikipedia defines critical thinking as “in general… a higher-order of thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false.”

There aren’t college courses just for critical thinking. This is something that is simply infused into robust curricula and can take time to master.

5. Teamwork and collaboration

Deployment at BHS
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