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Julian's Presenation

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Julian's Presenation

There are lots of social, political, and economical problems in Venenzuela, India, and Rome that compare and contrast. Some social problems relate such as overpopulation, and item shortages. Other economical and political problems are that the government takes advantage of the community and them having control of everything.
This suggests that the economy is bad for both countries. In the soures it states,"Jose Delgado said the stores are short of items because people buy more than they need, so everything runs out fast." And finally,"Facilities are not keeping pace with the growth of the population."
"Patricians worked until lunchtime and then relaxed with friends during the afternoon." Unlike in India,"The government is not able to create enough new jobs to meet the growing population and unemployment rates are continuing to rise."
Rome Project
"The Romans brought enslaved people from conquered lands to the Italian Penninsula to provide free labor." In other places like in Venenzuela,"Experts believe Venenzuela's economy will get worse this year, they blame a drop in the price of oil."
Julian's Awesome Presentation
"Roman govenors forced the conquered people to pay high taxes and spent money and luxuries for themselves and on weapons for the army." In a similar way,"Many Venenzuela's were angry after a speech by their president, Nicholas Maduro."
This proves that the people think the government is unfair sometimes. Other pieces of evidence are,"Marriage in India is a sacred obligation.", and "Most marriages in India are pre-arranged which means their parents get to choose who they marry."
This shows that Rome has more job employment that India because it is more populated. It states ,"Venenzuelans had to wait in long lines for sugar, cooking oil, soap, rice and other things that are in short supply. Also,"Saso said the lines are getting longer and tougher as people get more angry
All in all, there are lots of social, political, and economic problems that relate to all 3 places. Some problems like mistreated people, item shortages, and overpopulation. Finally, thats how they all relate together.
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