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50s Decade Project

No description

Ravyn Fleet

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of 50s Decade Project

The Fantastic 50s! Prezi by:
Anne Fleet
Cody Molenieux
Anthony Zerbe
Not appearing: Cassie Bailey Movies Top 10 films of the decade Music Television Shows We all love Lucy, but what else was big in her time? Top Ten Songs 1. "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets. 1955.

2. "Diana" by Paul Anka in 1957

3."Mary's Boy Child" by Harry Belafonte in 1957

4."What Do You Want to Make These Eyes at me For?" by Emile Ford and the Checkmates in 1958

5."Jail House Rock" by Elvis Presley in 1958

6."What Do You Want" by Adam Faith in 1959

7. "Living Doll" by Cliff Richard and the Drifters in 1959

8. "All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley in 1957

9. "Love Letters in the Sand" by Pat Boone in 1957

10. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" by Buddy Holly in 1959 The Wide World of Sports Facts:
On february 7th,Ted Williams from the boston red sox entered spring training as the highest paid player in baseball with a contract of 125,000 dollars.

April-May: American sports continue to desegregate when the Boston Celtics of the NBA draft the league's first African American player, Charles Cooper, and the American Bowling Congress ends its white-male-only policy

On June 11, Ben Hogan completes a courageous comeback from a near-fatal auto accident to win the U.S. Open and earns "golfer of the year" honors. During the 50’s most sports were desegregated and some sports had even went into scandals. NFL RECORDS SET:
Los Angeles Rams
Most Points per Game, Season (Min 10 games), 38.83
466 points in 12 games
New York Giants
Most Games Scoring 50+ Points, Season, 3[2]
Los Angeles Rams
Most Points, Single Team, One Quarter, 41 (tied)
Los Angeles Rams vs Detroit Lions (3rd Quarter), Oct. 29, 1950
Los Angeles Rams
Most Points, Both Teams, Third Quarter, 48
(41) vs Detroit Lions (7), Oct. 29, 1950
Baltimore Colts
Fewest Field Goals, Season (Since 1932), 0 (tied) Pop Culture Toys, trends, and time passers galore! Toys Mom? Where do Barbies come from? Yahtzee (1954)
-Originally invented by Canadian couple-Called it the "Yacht Game"
Play Doh (1956)
-Originally used for cleaning wallpaper in 1930
-Made market debut as kids toy in 1956
Barbie (1959)
-Inspired by German Doll called Bild Lilli
-Available only in blond and brunette
Hula Hoops (1957)
-Wham-O Toy company
-There isn't much background on the Hula Hoop Trends Rock N' Roll and Twists rock-'n'-roll [rok-uhn-rohl]

1A. A style of popular music that derives in part from blues and folk music and is marked by a heavily accented beat and a simple, repetitive phrase structure.
1B. Elvis Presley

2. of or pertaining to this music.

verb (used without object)
3. to dance to or play rock-'n'-roll. Sock hops were sponsored dances in the 50's at American high schools and typically held in the gym or cafeteria.

Origination of the name:
Students and other participants were required to remove their hard-soled shoes so they wouldn't scuff the floors.

Occasionally- I know this is going to be hard to comprehend- there were live bands--AT A DANCE!!! 3D Movies The earliest confirmed 3D film shown to a paying audience was "The Power of Love" Drive-in Theaters The revolutionary Drive-In is an outdoor theater that you drive to and watch the movie, without ever leaving your car!
The drive-in's popularity actually became popular in the late 1950s and 1960s, particularly in rural areas. There were about 4,000 scattered across the US! Lady and the Tramp (1955)
Peter Pan (1953)
Cinderella (1950)
The Ten Commandments (1956)
Ben-Hur (1959)
Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
From Here to Eternity (1953
The Robe (1953) Food Deviled Eggs, Baked Alaska, Tuna-noodle casserole, meatloaf, and Swanson Frozen Dinners were some of the trending foods of the 50s. No-stick Teflon pans were also making their way up in the US. Fashions We all know the big designers now, but who was there first? Christian Dior
Coco Chanel
Cristobal Balenciaga
Jaques Faith
Pierre Balman Dior Re-defined the look of women post-war
Fan of the Bell-suit and tiny waists
Died in 1957 Coco Chanel Not a fan of Dior's flowy dresses.
Remained pretty low profile for some years after the war
Chanel was- and still is- considered a fashion genius Poodle Skirts and Conical Bras Though they never went hand in hand, these two garments trended largely in the 1950s Actors Debora Kerr
The King and I
Black Narcissus John Wayne
The Searchers
Red River James Stewart
Rear Window
Vertigo Katherine Hepburn
Bringing Up Baby
The Philadelphia Story Marilyn Monroe
Some Like it Hot
The Asphalt Jungle I Love Lucy
Starred at 3rd in '51 and '20
Number 1 four times ('52-'55, '56-'57)
9 seasons, 179 episodes
'57-59: Number 1
Fun fact: Was 9 days away from being a full 20 years running with 635 episodes
Tom and Jerry
163 episodes and 11 movies The Future of Technology The Credit Card What started as a card to make buying gas easier soon turned into one of America's most loved- and hated- paying methods. The credit card. There were two original companies, still alive today: MasterCard and Visa. Video Recording FUN FACT: The first VCassetteR or VCR were sold by Sony in 1971. What came before everything was digital? Charles Ginsburg developed the first video tape recorder in1951 "The Pill" Gregory Pincus and John Rock, with help from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, developed the first birth control pills in the 1950s, which became publicly available in the 1960s Disneyland Opened on July 17, 1955.
The concept came to Walt Disney when he visited Griffith park with his daughters in Los Angeles as he watched them ride the merry-go-round. Disneyland Facts
The asphalt in Disneyland is actually a mixture of asphalt and rubber, making it more comfortable for guests to walk on.
One of the first visitors to Disneyland when it opened in 1955 was George Lucas, who was then only eleven years old.
Main Street is supposed to be set in the year 1910, and Tomorrowland is supposed to be set in the year 1986. These years were picked because they were Haley's Comet years. Passing Fads We have had some crazy fads, but would you wear a Davy Crocket hat? Some fads of the fifties included:
Fuzzy dice
Poodle skirts
Cat-eye glasses
Davy Crocket hats
Letterman jackets Did you know?
The price of movie tickets in the '50s was 25 cents for children (12 and under) and for adults it was only 50 cents. The price of gas was only 26 cents a gallon. http://www.filmsite.org/boxoffice2.html
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