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Communicating Change In Your Community by James Mardis, Plus One Strategic Communications

Presented at NTCA's 2012 Fall Conference in Baltimore, MD on September 16, 2012.

James Mardis

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Communicating Change In Your Community by James Mardis, Plus One Strategic Communications

Sept. 2012 June 2011 July 2010 July 2011 Sept. 2012 Communicating Change
in Your Community James Mardis, Partner
Plus One Strategic Communications Approach/Angle TACTICS Rhonda Wes Methods & Tactics View from
the Board Foundation/Structure What we've covered... ...and where we're going... So you have
to raise your
prices... Empowered customers now
shop around the world Easily search and find info
about produts and services Easily Share
their views Empowered customers
can literally make and
break brands overnight The Empowered
Customer Data Explosion Social Media Proliferation of
channels & devices Shifting consumer demographics 4 pervasive, universal, game changers 4 Factors 76% - crude
6% - refining
6% - distribution & marketing
12% - federal/state/local taxes (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 2011 7 cents
per gallon almost
50 cents Remember when... access rate charge increased subscriber
line charge The unprepared CMO IBM conducted
a survey with
over 1,700 CMO's Behavioral
economics says people
accept the
need for
sellers to
pass on
their own
costs Supply vs. Demand Greediness vs. Fairness So how do you do it? Give advance notice Explain the reasons Don't try to make bad news
sound like good news Put in some real good news Break out fees formerly included in the price Provider of choice Local convergence & competition (means being local is not enough) ICE ICT Internal Communications Details
Substance Scripts, role-play, follow-up and feedback Don't forget
to communicate with your team. Training & Resources CSRs, Tech Support and Service Techs For Everyone CONFIDENCE WEBSITE Fresh material News Graphics Sign-up forms Social media channels YouTube Videos Links to community/anchor/business Social Media
New banners
New portfolio view
Site index Get in the social media game Engage
Mobilize You must go
where your customers are cohesive strategy across all channels (traditional & digital) Promote your social medial channels
Opportunities to make connections
internal news
external coverage
customer service questions
Make sure online assets are aligned with offline events
Mini-events for your social connections
special promotions
contests Food for
thought MROI open rate
click rate
spam complaints
hard bounces
soft bounces
inbox placement rate
unsubscribe rates
list growth rate
time spent reading
mobile opens
... If you are not measuring
then how do you know??? Most prevalent website optimization priorities Marketing is a C-Level Function plusonestrategy.com
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