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Brain Trust

Siegermans Book Report 3rd quarter Brain Trust

Rose W

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Brain Trust

Double click anywhere & add an idea Brain Trust
By: Christopher Golden Crime Scene 2 Professor Murdered
Set up to look like he killed himself
"Jumped" from the roof

Old Woman Murdered
Covered up to look like an accidental fire Crime Scene 1 Evidence:
Remains of building
Woman's body Evidence:
Body of Professor
Crime Scene 3 Old Man's jet ski engine exploded
engine was tampered with
set up to look like an accident Evidence
exploded engine
man's body
black weblike growth in is chest Crime Scene 4
Killers ran his car off the road
Set it up to look like he simply fell asleep at the wheel
Damage on the car
Crime Scene 5 Facts:
Agent Dean found shot in his office
Killers had to be government agents
to have access to the building Evidence:
Casings and Bullets
Survellance tapes
Crime Scene 6
Agent Tarses was shot in his car while guarding the house with Jenny & Yoskio
No attempt to cover up the murder Evidence:
Casings and Bullets
Car Main Characters:
Jenna- forensics student who works in an M.E's office
Yoshiko- Jenna's roomate who goes on spring break with her
Agent Dean- FBI agent in Florida ordered to watch the two girls after the discover the growth in the man's chest and investigate
Agent Tarses- FBI agent helping Agent Dean watch the Girls
Dr. Pilcher- M.E in florida who does the old man's autopsy
Tom and Derrick- Boys the girls meet over the break
Wilcox and Duncan- Former CIA agents
Old Man- Scientist who worked on secret nuclear weapons project
Old Woman and Proffessor- worked on project with the old man Background Information Plot Summary
Jenna and Yoshikogo on spring break in Florida. While they are renting Jet skis Jenna looks at the old man whos jet ski exploded and notices a wierd growth and decides to investigate. However some people don't want her to uncover the secret about the growth and puts the girls in danger. Will they solve the mystery? Crime Scene 7 Facts:
Tom and Derrick were shot
while trying to keep Duncan
and Wilcox from entering the
house and hurting the girls
No attempt was made to cover it
Casings and bullets
Eye witnesses (Jenna and Yoshiko) Crime Scene 8 Facts:
Police stop Duncan and Wilcox after they beach their boat chasing Jenna and Yoshiko
Someone yells gun, so all officers open fire on them and kill them
No one will admit to yelling gun Evidence:
Guns, casings, and bullets
Bodies Final Outcome:
Jenna and Yoshiko make it home safe
Agents from their home town in Boston confirm the girls suspicions
about Wilcox and Duncan killing all the people who worked on the
nuclear weapons
Dr. Pilcher mailed Jenna the remains of the growth who then sent it
to the center of disease control for further study.
Jenna decides to let the proffessionals handle the situation next time
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