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My Beloved World

No description

shakila hoque

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of My Beloved World

"MY Beloved World"
26- Epilogue: Private Practice &
Judgeship Sonia's Priority Time Line Quotes "Along with the image, memory carried theses
words from a child's mind through time: I am truly blessed. In this life I am truly blessed......."
Page: 302 Sonia Sotomayor
MY Beloved World Group members * Khdiza hosan
* An 11Th grader. * Tangina Khanam
* A 10Th grader * Shakila Hoque
* A 10Th grader * Aisha Meah
* 10Th grader Poem Life! Life
It isn't just a game,
It is more than a game!
As life goes on,
The more challenges we face.
But if you want to win the games
There are so many ways (to win It) One ways is education,
Which is The key to success!
There will be lots of conflicts coming toward you.
Trying to stop you,
But if you have your ability,
And Minds set to what you want,
You can't give up! There are always a new storm that comes,
But when our life's storm comes
We do not know when or what will happen,
So that's why we have to be prepare for that storm,
We Just need our self motivation and determination fig. 2 Sonia Sotomeyor's life journey started from
Bronx housing project to the federal bench,
a journey that offers an inspiring experienced was
her own extraordinary determination and
the power of believing in oneself. June 25, 1954-Sonia was born 1961-Sonia had diabetes 1963-Sonia's father died 1976-Sonia went to law school. 2009-Sonia served the Supreme Court. Sonia's Plan evolve / develop "Good habits and hard work matter, but they are only the expressions of it, an effect rather than the cause. What is the source? I know that my competitive spirit-my drive to win, my fear of failure, my desire constantly to outdo myself- bubbles up from very deep within my personality. It's rarely directed at others; I compete with myself." Quotes "Our humanity makes
us each a part
of something greater
than ourselves "

Page - 256 Quotes page - 253-254 Enjoy the Video !!! Thank you Everyone By: Shakila, Aisha, Tangina & Khadiza * Mother
* Education
* Career Moral * past experience can be your
friend for your future success.

* Education brings light to your life

* Not giving up is the key of over coming of our obstacle
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