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Blended Learning

Presentation at Yom Iyun - November 18, 2012

Shira Hochheimer

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Blended Learning

Traditional Classroom Online Learning one-to-many
Sage on the Stage
ownership one-to-one
Student Led Blended Learning accountability
guidance Simplest Model
3-4 types of activities
individualized online instruction
may have individualized online assessment
teacher-led instruction
collaborative activities and stations. Flex Model Lab Rotation model Students are not required to be in school.
Students have a space to work collaboratively when they choose to do so.
Students can also work at home with their online teacher. Enriched Virtual Model Station Rotation Model
1/2 in computer lab with paraprofessionals
1/2 day in small groups with teachers
Lunch and social activities together.
supplemental on-line courses. 3/4 of the day Direct instruction with teachers
1/4 day learning lab & on-line activities with paraprofessionals.
Individual Rotation Model central computer lab
other learning settings based on student need:
direct instruction
group projects. Self-Blend Model Constructivism knowledge and experience comes in a social context
Authentic instruction Mastery Learning Professional Teachers
respond to students Teaching
Technology Further Exploration http://d97cooltools.blogspot.com/ - Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners -
Ideas for efficient and effective tech integration, created by Susan Oxnevad Pinterest

Twitter - #jedchat

YU20.org screencast-o-matic
flipped classroom
teded Cooperative Learning
Project Based Learning LOTS lower order thinking skills H.O.T.S - Higher Order Thinking Skills Learners as Individuals no Child Left Behind Constructivism Higher Order
Thinking Skills Where? wikiyomiyun.wikispaces.com
Users: YomIyun1, YomIyun2 etc
Password: YomIyun edomodo - create account
group code name: pcznmr free wikis for educators
wiki is an editable website that can be edited by members to include videos, text, links, discussions and more social learning platform
edmodo manages online learning facebook style
add apps, discussions, links AND GRADES! Google Drive & Google Apps Google Docs - commenting
Edmodo Grading Teachers can comment on paper
Interact with students
Students can collaborate
Research pane in the google docs window Collaboration Google Docs, Presentations Glogster Higher Order Thinking Skills Know, Understand Apply, Analyze Evaluate, Create Edmodo Wikispaces voki
prezi Wikispaces
Google Drive
Evernote - outline, edit
interview - youtube discussion questions
animate online games
online quizzes online file storage, creation and editing
can collaborate with group Formative & Summative Assessment online quizzes: google forms, edmodo
Polls: polleverywhere.com, socrative.com, edmodo
oral assessment: voicethread.com Educational Games tailored to each child edmodo apps
Google apps
dahbear.org Feedback What? Why? How? with Rochester Yom Iyun for Teachers
November 18, 2012
presented by Shira Hochheimer Remember . . . Try one tool at a time How long will it take to create content? - Estimate the time then multiply by 4 HAVE FUN! Education drives technology, not the other way around.

Sometimes the old fashioned way saves time and works just as well. Alwasy do a cost-benefit analysis before jumping in.
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