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King Arthur Presentations: Mordred

Nihada Sahmanovic, Period 1

Nihada Sahmanovic

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of King Arthur Presentations: Mordred

Mordred The Betrayer WHO WAS MORDRED? Mordred was the bastard son of King Arthur and his half-sister Morgause. Mordred had four half brothers: Gawain, Agravaine, Gareth, and Gaheris. Mordred was raised without knowing his father and learned to love no one other than his mother. Once born, Mordred and the children born the same day as him were sent adrift into the waters to die. This act was requested by Arthur himself. Mordred was born on one of the Orkney Isles. Mordred's relationship with Arthur Mordred was said to be one of King Arthur's knights. He was also, for a time, a compainion of Sir Lancelot. He took part of the Orkney family against the family of Pellinore, slaying Pellinore's son, Lamorak. When Arthur went away in battle, Mordred proclaimed him dead and then laid siege to Guinevere. In this photo, Arthur deals Mordred a mortal blow, but in return Mordred gives Arthur a wound which proved to be fatal. Mordred's other relationships Mordred's other names NICKNAMES: ALSO REFERRED AS: Black Druid Demon Druid Dark Druid Lore-Master Mordred the Magnificent Mordred the EVIL Mordret Medrawt Modred Medraut (Welsh) Medrawd Mordred Mordred's relationships were not exactly sentimental. Guinevere: Gwen was forced into marrying Mordred. Guinevere always feared Mordred and even pitied him. The four brothers: The closest relationship Mordred had with anyone of his half-brothers was with Agravaine.
He shared a relationship with this brother particularly because of their hatred for Lancelot. Lancelot: Mordred was said to be a friend to Lancelot. This quickly transformed as Mordred observed Lance's relationship with the king and queen. Mordred's Loves To many, Mordred never
really had any true loves. Although
unfortunately, Mordred enjoyed
raping young women. In some stories, Mordred married King Arthur's wife but only to deceive King Arthur and his Kingdom. Major Life Events Mordred is conceived under not-so-great circumstances, when Arthur sleeps with his sister, Morgause, by mistake. A CROWN. This crown represents the literal object
that Mordred stole from Arthur. Mordred TH MAY DAY The illustration above is of May day. May day was the day
all children born on the same day as Mordred were sent adrift
into the waters. Epic scene from the show "Merlin". This scene includes
Arthur meeting the man who will betray him; Arthur finds the
beginning to his ending. Death Though there are many different accounts of Mordred's death, a majority of the vast tales end the same for the Black-Druid.

Mordred is killed in battle by his own father, King Arthur. This image illustrates the slaying of Mordred. ASA BUTTERFIELD Young boy who plays Mordred in the T.V series
"Merlin" Mordred from the 1981 classic, "Excalibur". BATTLE Battle scene of King Arthur vs Mordred. ARTHUR'S FINAL DUEL WITH MORDRED Asian-inspired drawing of King Arthur and Mordred's
final battle. Mordred Bids Farewell to Camelot Portrait of Mordred reflecting back on Camelot. THE END He manages to escape the May Day massacre, which his father orchestrated to get rid of the risk of losing his kingdom. Raised as a deserted child, he makes his way back to court at age fourteen. Mordred defends Sir La Cote Male Taylé against the insults of a rude woman who doesn't want him along on her quest. Then he participates in the ambush and stabbing-in-the-back of Sir Lamerok. Joining Agravaine in exposing Lancelot and Guinevere's affair, Mordred helps to ambush Lancelot in Guinevere's chamber. When Arthur travels to France to invade Lancelot's realm, Mordred forges letters announcing Arthur's death, crowns himself king, and tries to marry Guinevere. At the Battle of Salisbury Plain, Mordred gives Arthur his death-wound before dying of the wound Arthur has inflicted on him
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