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Evil- covers problem of evil and nature of evil- image based notes for RS GCSE

tim mcdonald

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Evil

Impersonal Force
Personal Being
Human Psychology
Satan is the opposite of God
Satan is the source of all Evil
Satan tricks people into doing wrong-
not doing what God wants
People are drawn to doing wrong (against God) by a force they cannot resist.
Evil occurs due to being brought up badly
due to having experienced problems in society
because your mind is damaged
Peer Pressure can also make us act in ways we wouldn't normally-
even though we know it is wrong
Being unable to rid yourself of
an addiction could be an example
of this force at work
We cannot understand what
Evil is as it is beyond our reason

We cannot stop it
A Personal Being
Nature of Evil
Good and Evil
The Problem of Evil
(Epicurian Paradox)
God is:
So why does God allow Evil?
Pain is Punishment
Pain is a test
Suffering is the result of the misuse
of Freewill
God Knows!
Pain helps us learn
Need bad to understand Good
It's... The Devil
How Christians Cope
God will always look after us
God will never leave us
God will ultimately protect us
God hears our prayers
Hope & Comfort are gained
Ultimately God is looking after us
Closer to God
Talk/ Listen/ Learn
Jesus knows what
it is to suffer
God shares our pain
Evil in the Bible
Satan Tricks Eve into
Disobeying God.
Death enters the world as
God allows Satan
to 'smite' Job.
Job does not turn from God during terrible suffering.
Jesus is Tempted by Satan:
Turn Stones to Bread
Jump from temple to test God
Worship Satan
Each of these are real temptations:
Physical Hunger
Spiritual Need for assurance
Material Desire for power/ wealth
Jesus replies:
"Man does not live by bread alone"
"You are not to put God to the test"
"You must only serve and worship God-Go Away!"
A Being
A Force
The Human
Types of Evil
Moral/ Human:
Yr8 Homework
Find 10 pictures of Jesus-print and bring in.
be from different time periods.
be from different cultures.
Can you name all of these Evil Characters?
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