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How Music Affects People

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Joseph Elliott

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of How Music Affects People

By:Joseph Elliott The Soloist
By:Steve Lopez The Musical Effect
By:Daniel Schneck This is Your Brain on Music
By:Daniel Levitin Outside Sources Those books and sources thought me that music can motivate you or inspire you, can affect your emotions and your personality, and music can make a change in people's life's.
This relates to my life how music can change my emotion. When I'm mad I listen to Tupac or rap but when I'm happy I listen to R&B or old school music. This book talks about how our brain process, listens, remembers, and interprets music. So it showed how music affects people in a scientific/studied way. How Does Music Affect People? This book is about a homeless guy that used to play classical bass and other instruments in college and he is on the streets playing a violin, and a man walks down the street and hears his talent and wants to help develop his talent.
His love in music showed how music affected him to want to do something with his talent. This book talks about how music affect's peoples brains and how music can be used as a tool in stress and pain management. The first source was about a man that was shot and robbed and when he got healed he made music to help stop the violence.
The second source was about Jada Pinket Smith making a song to stop rape and sex trafficking.
Those showed that through music it can make people realize that certain things are wrong and that music can make a change in peoples life for the better.
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