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A Monster Calls

No description

Alexis Gibbs

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls
Character List
Connor (main character)- Connor is a boy who's mother is going through cancer. He is also dealing with terrible nightmares every night and wakes up at 12:07 and a monster visits him.
Mum- Connor's mum who is going through cancer.
Lilly- Connor's former best friend who told everyone his mum had cancer.
Harry- A boy who goes to Connor's school who bullies him constantly. He is the worst out of all of the bullies.
Sully- One of Harry's friends who also bullies Connor. He makes jokes about Connor's mum being bald.
The setting in the book is in a modern day small town in England. It mostly takes place in a hospital, at a school, Conor's house and his Grandma's house.
Rising Action
Character List
Anton- Another one of Harry's friends who bullies Conor. He really just tags along with Harry.
Miss Kwan- A teacher in Conor's grade who gives him special treatment because him mum has cancer which he hates.
Miss Marl- Another teacher who gives out the life writing assignment which he doesn't do.
Grandma- Conor's grandma who Conor doesn't like. She tries to to help him realize his mum won't make it.
injustice- violation of right or of the rights of another

groggily- weak or unsteady

duvet- comforter

remedy- a medicine or treatment that relieves or cures a disease

reluctance- unwillingness
I think that the theme of A Monster Calls is dealing with a family member that you think could be dying. I think that this is the theme because in most of the book Conor was worried or trying to tell himself she would be okay. At the end of the book he finally found out how to deal with this emotional time in his life.
By: Patrick Ness
Prezi by: Lexie Gibbs

The rising action is when the monster shows up at Conor's window and when the monster is after Conor. Conor wakes up at 12:07 and hears loud sounds. He looks out the window and sees the yew tree but it looks like a monster. He thinks that the monster yew tree is a dream because when he wakes up the yew tree is back on the hill where it is usually at. When he wakes up he finds yew tree leaves all over his bed room floor. This continues to happen to Conor because the tree says that he is going to tell Conor three stories and Connor has to tell him the fourth story. While everything is happening with Conors mum being sick and him being bullied at school the monster is helping him while he is going through this pain.

chaste- pure and virtuous

succumb- yielding to something you have tried to fight off

countenance-expression on your face

skepticism-doubt as to the truth of something

cataclysmic- severely destructive
My Opinion
I really enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend to somebody but I think that people who have a fear of death should not read this book. It was a little depressing but the theme and the message were great. People who like to read suspense novels would enjoy this book because it keeps you on the edge of your seat and you never know what will happen next.
A Monster Calls
By: Patrick Ness
Google Images

The conflict of the story is that a monster yew tree is after Conor. Conor is also having very bad nightmares. Conors nightmare is about Conor letting go of his mum but him knowing that he could held on and having the guilt of not wanting to hold on. The monster tells him that if he does not tell him the story of his dream that he would kill Conor but Conor doesn't want to tell anyone about his nightmare. Another conflict that Conor has is bullying. Harry bullies Conor constantly and he has two friends who tag along with him, Sully and Anton. The last conflict that Conor has is he doesn't want to think about his mum dying, but deep down inside he doubts she will live.
The climax is when the tree demands to know the truth about Conor. When Conor's mum is in the hostpital dying he is at home alone and the tree takes him in to his nightmare and he confesses what his nightmare is about so he can get out of his dream.
The falling action is when Conor's Grandma finds him laying asleep on the hill with the tree. They race to the hospital trying to get to the hospital before Conor's mum passes away. He admits that he doesn't want her to go and then she dies at 12:07 in the morning.
Falling Action
Conor finally finds a way to deal with his emotions of having his mum die. He realizes that it's okay to be upset and realize that his mom is most likely going to die. He also gets the problem at school under control because the monster beat Harry up and put him in the hospital and they thought that Conor beat him up so they won't bully Conor anymore because they are scared of him.
Miss Marl
Miss Kwan
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