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Year 9 Project - the digital world

No description

Alma Loreaux

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Year 9 Project - the digital world

Year 9 Transdisciplinary Project
Online presentation and media
Source acknowledgment
Final Destination
Co-creating, collaborating and publishing your project online (Prezi)
MS Publisher
Physical connections
the Brochure
Referencing Guide (Bibliography with EndNote)
Disseminating your pamphlet to the community (Publisher)
Create your account
How to create your team Prezi?
More Prezi tutorials are available here:
Create your team
One person creates a Prezi, then shares with your team and your teacher.
Who will be the fastest team?
How do you create a new Prezi?
What template will you use?
How do you share with others?
Work as a team to create and share successfully.
Use of copyright free sources (incl. images and media)
Use the Insert option at the top of your Prezi canvas and include one or more of the following:
Symbols & Shapes
You Tube video
Background Music
A file (PDF, Word, video)
Embed a PowerPoint
Visit the
Year 9 Transdisciplinary Project Virtual Classroom on the Portal
for more resources
visit the project VC
open Product Creation
click on MS Publisher tile
view 2 videos
explore Publisher by creating a draft brochure
How to use Publisher?
What can you as homeowners do to help protect your lives and your property in case of a bushfire?
this circle and arrow are a diagram
check this box
Copyright -- Attribution
Consider your Digital Footprint
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