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Fourth grade memories

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Fourth grade memories

Wax museum
What we did:
We watched a movie, ate pizza, and drank pop. Only 15 people were there but it still was a ton of fun. Some of my friends were there also.
I was one of the winners, we had a big party in Mr.Grahams room
I remember the time Mrs.Thompson let us pick a famous person from Ohio, do some research about them, and let us pretend we were them in a wax museum.

She let us have a month to research about them. Then we dressed like our person, made a speech about them. We would say something like, Hello, my name is . I lived in . I was born on .

Then classes and parents would come press the "button" above our head and we would of said our speech. We also had to do a report about them. It was fun though.
Fourth grade memories
By: Morgan Lee
Moby Max Contest
Valentines party
Christmas party.
Halloween party
It was an awesome Halloween party,we watched a movie ate snacks and even got to do a craft. The people who brought costumes put them on, then we watched a movie and ate pizza, chips, and drank pop. Then after the movie we did a craft. We mad monsters with little containers and made goo and put it in our monsters. Then someone handed out candy bags with treats inside. It was the best Halloween party ever.
Class parties
When we had our valentines party 3 people brought snacks. We brought cards and boxes or bags. We would get our snacks then we got to had out our valentine cards. After that everyone was just talking and eating candy until it was time to go.
We had hung stockings a few weeks before and every day they were filled with stuff. On the last day all the other stuff got put in our stockings and when we got to school we could empty it all out. We also got donuts. On top of all that it was the last day of school before Christmas break. We got candy and and little stuff like erasers in our stockings. It was great.
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