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Lazy Laces :)

No description

Keaton Crouch

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Lazy Laces :)

Some of the Lazy Laces social impacts is that we allow kids and adults to have their own stye and not have a limited amount to choose from. Lazy Laces can start a fun conversation between people wearing them. They can even have enviromental impacts. They are safer for the enviroment because it causes less people to stop in the street and tie their shoes. The positive impacts are that they make shoes easier and less time wasting. The negative impacts are that the wires can possbly break if dropped in the ocean.
By: Hannah Warren, Keaton Crouch and Brittain Buccola
Science: Needs to be a durable and tough fabric for long wear and for all the motion it goes through

Technology: The wiring inside of the shoe and laces, all the power and communication that goes into it

Engineering: Manufacturing different styles, colors and sizes, along with putting the shoe together

Math: The length, width, and height of the lace and the dimensions of the original
Ideal Image
Lazy Laces 101
The Lazy Laces offers a variety of different and innovative qualities. First, it makes it incredibly easy to tie your shoes by the fingerprint scanner located at the bottom right side of your shoe. When your finger is on it, it scans your finger and automatically ties itself. This is a small and portable device, bring it into your local Lazy Laces store, and we will happily insert it inside of any shoe with laces. We are located worldwide, come and stop by!
Shoes have been around forever, but not as cool and innovative as it is now. Lazy Laces makes it incredibly easy to slip on shoes and go instantly.
Incredibly Helpful
The Lazy Laces are definitely needed in our world today. Tieing shoes can take valuable time, plus, they do not even stay tied. With our innovation though, they will stayed tied until they are untied. This helps thousands of people everywhere and can even help prevent injury from tripping over untied laces.
Lazy Laces
Lazy Laces are fun and safe for every age. They make it extremely easy for everyone to tie their shoes easily and quickly. With designs for all ages, one is guarnteed to love it.
Lazy Laces is a special company. We don't limit people to our own special designs, but we allow for people to bring in their own shoes and we insert the wires inside. The wires are specially crafted to never break, they are coated with an indestructable solvent. The fingerprint scanner is also made of indestructable glass. Having indestructable features is so the consumer can use Lazy Laces for as long as they have their shoes. The laces themselves are made of a stretchy and durable string, so they will not unravel.
This is very helpful because the scanner makes it possible so that the shoes will only be tied when activated to be tied. For handicapped people, there is an app that allows for them to scan their finger there instead of bending down, if they cannot bend down.
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