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Building Responsible Relationships

Social Skills

Shaye Merwede

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Building Responsible Relationships

Building Responsible Relationships: Social Skills Mime: Write a two minute skit telling a story using only body language with the person sitting next to you. You may use props but no noises. After each group performs their skit, summarize the group's story. Relate their facial expressions, hand gestures, and body posture to meaning. Read and summarize body language pg. 263. Write and discuss: How can reading body language help you? Read and summarize understanding others pg. 263. With the same partner, sit facing each other. One of you tell the other person what you did last weekend, while the other person practices active listening. Both of you should maintain eye contact while speaking and listening. Tally in your notebook how many times the other person looked away. Write and discuss: How can you become a better active listener? Explain why each of you looked away while you listened or spoke. Do you think maintaining eye contact made you think the listener was interested? Do Now: Describe three ways a person can be a good listener. Closure: How can you become a better listener?
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