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Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls Or Does It??

No description

Corinne bell

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls Or Does It??

Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls
OR Does It? Hank Zipzer: "The Worlds
Greatest Underachiever" Is a boy who tries to do his best
but he cant... Why? Because he has
dyslexia When he was growing up
in New York City No one knew what dyslexia was So when Ms. Adolf told the class that they had a five paragraph essay to do... to write about what they did over the summer He became frantic because he doesn't
know how to read or write. Meanwhile... Hanks grandpa Papa Pete asks Hank and his two friends Ashley Wong and Frankie Townsend to put on a magic show at a bowling tournament So now he has a magic show to get ready for and a essay to do Hank decides to bring out the creativity in himself and wants to bring the essay "Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls, or Does It?" to life. But when everything seems to
be going swell... His project starts overflowing and floods the whole class up So he gets detention and some punishment time too!! But while in detention.... he meets a man that will change his life.. FOREVER!! Characters: Hank Zipzer credits: Music From: youtube.com

Pictures From:
~crankyfitness.com Frankie
Townsend Papa Pete Ashley Wong Authors: Ms. Adolf Left: Henry Winkler
Right: Lin Oliver Book Trailer
by: Nakyia Bell (:
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