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Input and output devices used for computer graphics...

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hazra vora

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Input and output devices used for computer graphics...

The phosphors used in a graphic display are normally chosen
for their color characteristics and persistence. Color should preferably white, particularly for applicants where dark
information appears on a light background. 4. Phosphors Printers
Electron gun Output Devices Speech recognizers are used in some graphics workstations as input devices to accept voice command. The voice system can
be used to initiate graphics operations or to enter data. 8.Voice Systems 5. Digitizer An input device that allows you to hand draw graphics and images on a flat screen using a stylus where you can also do painting, selecting, dragging and more. 2. Mouse An input device that enables you to edit and
manipulate images. For example, in terms of
computer graphics, the mouse can be used
to crop an image or to use the
magic wand tool etc. Locators are the devices which give position information. The computer receives from a Locator the coordinates for a point.
Using a locator we can indicate a position on the screen. The different locators are as follows:

Tablet Locators
Various hardware devices have been developed to enable the user to interact in the more natural manner. These devices can be separated into two classes. They are Locators and Selectors.... Input devices
Input and output devices
used for computer graphics... Kiran, Hazra and Mercedes This allows you to see the images produced by the computer.
The quality of the graphics that you see depends on the size
and the resolution of the monitor. 3. Monitors This allows you to print off the graphics you
create and edit on the computer. You can print
them off in colour, black and white or gray scale
in various sizes. 1. Printers 7. Touch Panels Touch panels allow displayed objects or screen positions to be selected with the touch of a finger. Touch input can be
recorded using three methods:
Optical touch panels
Electrical touch panels
Acoustical touch panels 4. Data Glove A data glove is a glove which has been wired up with wires
which sense movements. These sensors are connected to the computer which then senses the movement of the hand to get information across. 3. Trackball and Space ball The space ball and trackball are an input device which is usually used with CAD workstations. Trackballs and space balls are used to accurately draw on the computer. Trackballs and space balls are mainly seen or used for arcade games. 2. Keyboards The keyboard is an efficient device for inputting such non-graphic data. Cursor control keys and function keys are common features on general purpose keyboards. Additional a numeric keyboard is often included on the keyboard for fast entry of numeric data. A input device that allows you to draw on a screen with greater positional accuracy, similarly to how you would on a graphics tablet. It can also be used to point at displayed objects. 1. Light pen Light pen
Track ball and space ball
Data glove
Touch panels
Voice systems Selector devices are used to select a particular graphical object.
A selector may pick a particular item but provide no information about that item is located on the screen. The different selector devices are as follows: Selector A tablet composed of a flat surface and a pen like stylus or window like tablet cursor.
The tablet is able to sense the position of the stylus. 3. Tablet 1. Joystick A joystick has two potentiometers, they have been attached to a single lever.
Moving the lever forward or back changes the setting on one potentiometer. 2. Plotters Plotter is another type of computer printer which prints
vector graphics. There are two types of plotters one is a pen plotter which is when a pen moves across the surface of the paper and then there is a knife plotter which uses moving
knives to cut into a piece material. 6. Scanners An input device that allows you to scan in images, posters, photographs etc. which can then be uploaded and edited in a graphic software package. Electron gun makes use of electrostatic fields to
focus and accelerate the electron beam. A field is
generated when two surfaces are raised to different potentials. 5. Electron Gun
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