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Classroom Procedures

Presented at Eagle Hill Institute August 14, 2013; based on the wisdom of Harry Wong.

Eileen Dame

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures
Establishing routines for a
successful school year.

Ann Marie Mahoney Quinn
Julia Crowley
Eileen Dame

Routines and procedures help me as a student because they help me understand what is expected from me every day.
Take your assigned seat
August 2012

* Establishes you as the
* Conveys that you are
* Enables easy attendance-taking
* Facilitates partner work
* Review Expectations every time
* Give instructions before you launch
* Assign partners; NO EXCEPTIONS!
* Launch: "Turn and face your partner."
Well, I won’t back down;
No I won’t back down;
You can stand me up
at the gates of he**,
but I won’t back down

* Seating = Partners
* Choose purposefully
* Change predictably
* Keep current plan
on your clipboard
How I feel about routines and procedures is I feel safe. I feel comfortable when I’m with my class because we all respect each other.
Show ‘em who’s the boss!

Working with a Partner
Eva Nenoshka Peter Justin Khalil
“Student achievement at the end of the year is directly related to the degree to which the teacher establishes good control of classroom procedures in the very first week of the school year" (4).
Begin working
1. An assignment must be posted
before the students enter the
2. The assignment must be
posted in the same location
every day (122)..

Name Homework Assignment
NO down time
Independent, meaningful, relevant
Written work
Miss, I'm finished.
What do I do now?
I'm late, but
it is not
my fault...
hand me pass
OR write out reason
take your seat
wait for me
Read novel
Problem of the week
Enrichment activity
Miss, you got a
hand san / lotion?
arrive late
finish early
Can I go to the
bathroom /
nurse / office?
leave room
Yes, after...
One at a time
Sign pass.
Give new pencil.

Loan pencil.

Take agenda for collateral.

Take shoe for collateral.

Sell pencils.

Gift lead pencil.

Bucket of golf pencils

Pencil Cop
The fact that I know
what I am going to do every day in
school is helping my grades, but knowing what you are going to do every day is what I find very boring.
Miss - you got a
signal for attention
fire drill
lock down
lunch and lockers
passing materials
sharpen pencils
taking notes
Last year...every day, the rules changed and I hated how one day you can do this and the next day you get in trouble... That’s why I like routines and procedures.”
The routines and procedures make it easy to come prepared and makes the day predictable.
1. Use enforceable limits.
2. Provide choices.
3. Deliver consequences
with empathy.
I feel like I get more education because when we walk into a classroom, we do bellwork, which I think improves my skills.
The bell does not dismiss
the class. You dismiss the class, with a pleasant expression of farewell.

Calm, assertive energy
"Do not confuse procedures with discipline... Discipline concerns how students behave. Procedures concern how things are done. Discipline has penalties and rewards. Procedures have no penalties or rewards" (169).
"It is important to introduce the discipline plan on the first day of school" (147).
"You should only have three to five rules" (147).
“To increase student learning and achievement, increase the amount of time students are working" (197).
"Have the students repeat the procedure until it becomes a routine" (175).
Seating Plan Tips
Plan ahead
Practice Practice Practice
Be the Leader
August 2014
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