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Wheelwright and the Revoution

No description

Jack Santos

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Wheelwright and the Revoution

April: Lexington and Concord
June: Battle of Bunker Hill
July: At 18, Abraham goes to Barbados on the Dolphin, with Captain Anthony Knapp
September: Jeremiah Wheelwright joins Benedict Arnold's campaign to Quebec City. They leave from Newburyport

January: Abraham in the Winter Hill Camp
February/March: Dorchester Heights, The British Evacuate

March/April: Camps at Cambridge/Harvard
May-July: Heads to New York
July: Declaration of Independence
August: Battle of Long Island/Brooklyn.
in the Artillery, under Col. Knox
August-December: Jeremiah arrives home from Quebec, badly wounded (?)
December- January: Battles of Princeton, Trenton under Washington
The Wheelwrights & The Revolution
January: at Princeton, enlistment is up,
but stays longer

March(?) arrives in Newburyport, and immediately
sails with Isaac Elwell to Demerara (West Indies)

He begins his Privateer years
Jan: Abraham's father Jeremiah Dies from
the effects of the Quebec Campaign

Abraham returns, sails out with Moses Hale
to Martinique
Abraham sails with John Holmes to Guadalupe

Captured by the British,
he is taken to Ireland and escapes.

Takes 12 months to return home via Barbados
and St Eustatius
Sails with Isaac Pearson on the "Uriah"
Captured by the British, jailed in Antigua.
Escapes, and sails back on the "Ruby"
with John Babson
September: Abraham Marries Rebecca
Sails on the Marquis De Lafayette with Seth Thomas, to Guadalupe

September: son Jeremiah is born;
dies in 1830 at sea.
Sails on the Cormorant with John Perkins,
captured by the British, jailed in Bermuda, and escapes. Returns home.

Daughter Rebecca is born,

September: Treaty of Paris is signed.

The American Revolution is over.
1784 and beyond

11 children total, 9 beyond infancy
Founded the Newburyport Lending Library
'Newburyport Fire Brigade
Sea Fencibles
Nine Years President Marine Society
Newburyport Selectman

Abraham's Wheelwright's Account
Jan 1776. Winter Hill, near Cambridge.
Drilled, exercised.
Tents on top of the hill, surrounded by a fort of turf,
10 feet bottom. 6 feet top, 7 feet high.
Sentinals placed on top of the fort, each man walked about 4 rods.
guards relieved every four hours. Sentinels placed in hailing distance.
A trench on the outside of the fort, 5 feet deep, 7 feet wide, embraseurs 2 feet inside, 8 feet outside.
Cannons stand on platform 300 feet apart.
Pickets stuck in the ground about 30 feet from the trench and fort, 3 feet high, 4 feet wide.
The Battle for Quebec City
Caleb Haskell's Diary
Caleb Haskell's
Abraham Wheelwright
Patriot, Captain, Merchant
General Howe is said to have exclaimed, "My God, these fellows have done more work in one night than I could make my army do in three months"
Jeremiah Wheelwright
- Abraham's father
- born in Portsmouth
- taught in Ipswich
- married in Gloucester
- Joins Arnold's Army
Capture! Abraham's Account
Make all your agreements in writing,
leave nothing to be settled hereafter either at home or abroad
unless you are instructed to do so.
Ask for your services what is reasonable,
but do not consent to accept what is mean.
On his way back from Barbadoes via Newfoundland, Abraham hears of his father's departure with Arnold's Army.

November: Abraham returns and immediately signs up to fight; assigned to Captain Israel Putnam, Col Hutchinson, and sent to the Boston Siege in December for a 12 month tour of duty.
Descendents include:
Businessman: George Wheelwright, cofounder of Polaroid
Architect: Edmund Wheelwright, Saltshaker Bridge,
other Boston buildings, Harvard Lampoon
Psychologist: Joseph Wheelwright, pre Myers-Briggs

Escape! Abraham's Account
Marie-Joseph de l’Enfant-Jésus
Oliver Cromwell said of Wheelwright "that he was more afraid of meeting Wheelwright at football than he had been since of meeting an army in the field, for he was infallibly sure of being tripped up by him."
Special Thanks to Victor Atkins
and Steven Berger for Narrations

For presentations and more material go to
"references" tab at http://Wheelwright.us
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