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NGC Online Shop Development

Technology is making outbound marketing less effective. Learn how to use inbound marketing to get quality leads.

Tim Davies

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of NGC Online Shop Development

} } National Gallery Online Shop Social Media Social Media Online Customers Buy additional data Then, what's outbound marketing? Segment customer data . . After the new website launched in September traffic from search fell by 30%. This was due to old content being deleted and some external links needing time to update. Grow the
Customer Database In store data collection Competitions Targeted email campaigns Increase online conversion Encourage repeat purchases Customer engagement and brand awareness Sales promotion to reach potential new customers 1% of revenue directly from Facebook traffic Valuable content for search engine optimisation Over 600 million active users on Facebook! Affiliate Marketing } Network of affiliates promoting the brand on our behalf Affiliates drive traffic to the online shop Commission paid for completed transactions Access to experts in PPC, remarketing & retargeting Unlike some marketing, everything can be tracked Search Engine Optimisation New keyword research Site wide copy changes Over 300 new products added Since then the following changes have been made; Landing pages for new keywords Print on Demand 40% of online sales last year 79% growth for two years Identified as a key area for
further online growth Initiatives for growth 2011/12 In order to continue to grow on this success the following plans are being implemented.

Custom cropping
International printing
Art for hospitality Outside Books Currently 6% of online sales are outside books High value specialist art books Customers perceive us to be an authority on art books Limited range of titles online Slow distrubution due to low stock Use a third-party wholesaler Direct shipping from the wholesaler We will recommend titles but offer the whole range Increase the number and profile of links from the Gallery website Identify blogs and other content websites for inbound links Other traffic sources Work more closely with the Gallery to promote the online shop Close-up details Custom Crops International Printers Art for Hospitality Chosen from the best selling prints Creates appeal to new markets A point of difference from other websites Personalised crops of any painting Unique selling point online & in store Returns the Gallery as market leaders for POD Orders printed and framed in country of origin Able to compete with local shipping charges Large potential new markets New corporate customers Large orders from interior design companies Ideal for hotels, offices, restaurants, care homes Frames suitable for regional fashion and taste From small prints to large wall murals 175 details added online & kiosks Share data and content plans Integrate online shop products in to Gallery search results Website Visitors April 2011
28,805 Revenue Sources April 2011 Website Visitors April 2010
22,550 Objectives Progress update Current projects Print on demand Other opportunities At the same time Print on Demand will be promoted using; Social Media Email Marketing Affiliates Paid search Blogs National Gallery Website
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