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Oil Spills - PSA

No description

Hemangini .R

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Oil Spills - PSA

By: hemangini rana
Causes of Oil Spills
Leaks in oil tanker can cause marine oil spills
Natural disasters ex. Hurricanes can also cause oil tankers to flip and cause an oil spill
Oil spills are also caused when 2 countries are at war and one decides to dump large amounts of oil in the other country’s oceans.
Illegal dumpers may dump oil into oceans instead of spending money to decompose the oil
Oils used on land and washed off into water.
Water vehicles such as motorboats and jet skis also leak fuel into water.
Construction in water needs equipment powered by fuel and can cause oil spills too if something goes wrong.

Impact on Humans
Humans can be harmed by acid rain when the oil interrupts the water cycle.
Oil gets in human system through the contaminated water which can cause illnesses
Contaminated food (sea food)
Humans breathe in the gaseous air if the oil spill occurred near them
Contaminate ground (soil) causing it to expose to human skin
Bathing water is also contaminated through oil spills causing exposure to human skin
Humans can be poisoned and become very ill due to these exposures to contaminated water

Impact on Animals
Animals get hypothermia making their body temperature to fall
Can blind them if oil gets in eyes
Poisons animals if ingested
Birds die if oil gets stuck to their feathers
Oil spill disable animals from seeing their prey and become the victims instead, which messes up the prey and predator system.
Baby animals die of starvation as their parents can't recognize their body scent.

Impact on Nature
Interrupts water cycle which may cause acid rain when the water evaporates
Contaminates water
Contaminates soil - plant and trees die
Oil can also be transferred to land through tides and water currents polluting the environment

Organizations helping Out
Organizations like the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and International Spill Control organization (ISCO) help areas with oil spills recover by cleaning up the ocean and helping out the endangered animals. One of the most known campaign for helping out animals that were impacted by oil spills is the dish soap company, Dawn. Dawn donates thousands of soap bottles to the Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue, to help them clean up animals covered by the oil. Dawn has been supporting this cause for more than 30 years, saving about 75, 000 animals affected by the oil spills.
Release of liquid petroleum into the environment
A form of pollution - majorly water pollution
Caused by human activities
Usually occurs in water when oil is being shipped but can occur on land
Approximately 706 million gallons of oil is sent into the oceans every year

What are Oil Spills
Oil spills
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